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Rockdale, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Alfred C H  1908Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27595
2 Anderson, Edna May  1913Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27128
3 Anderson, Grace Evelyn  1918Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27134
4 Anderson, Ruby Irene  1915Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27129
5 Austin, Eric Raymond  1915Rockdale, NSW, Australia I44502
6 Begg, John Campbell  15 Sep 1912Rockdale, NSW, Australia I14346
7 Begg, Neil I MacFarlane  Oct 1914Rockdale, NSW, Australia I14347
8 Coomber, Gladys M  1912Rockdale, NSW, Australia I28342
9 Dunphy, Ellen May  1913Rockdale, NSW, Australia I1615
10 Gooch, Dulcie Emily  1905Rockdale, NSW, Australia I38904
11 Gooch, Phillis  1910Rockdale, NSW, Australia I38906
12 Hatton, Ilma M  1917Rockdale, NSW, Australia I28266
13 Stansell, Richard  04 Aug 1915Rockdale, NSW, Australia I38937
14 Upton, Harold H  1903Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27583
15 Upton, Horace H A  1907Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27602
16 Upton, William R  1911Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27585
17 Walcot, Nea Ashe  1916Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27146
18 Wales, Cecil R H  1911Rockdale, NSW, Australia I15337
19 Wales, Leslie Henry  16 Jun 1913Rockdale, NSW, Australia I15338
20 Yates, Norman V  1917Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27040


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Edna May  22 Mar 1914Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27128
2 Barnett, Robert C  1890Rockdale, NSW, Australia I26829
3 Bean, Mary Ann  1920Rockdale, NSW, Australia I932
4 Chin, Ann Ada Emily  1945Rockdale, NSW, Australia I17912
5 Clout, Archie Ernest  13 Jun 1960Rockdale, NSW, Australia I3293
6 Collins, Mary E  1934Rockdale, NSW, Australia I29065
7 Fletcher, Martha Mary  1940Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27195
8 Kentwell, Adelaide Elvira  1937Rockdale, NSW, Australia I6323
9 Lambert, Kevin L  1927Rockdale, NSW, Australia I17225
10 Newey, Eileen May  Jul 1985Rockdale, NSW, Australia I38900
11 Oliver, Mary  08 Jan 1923Rockdale, NSW, Australia I8495
12 Palmer, Florence Jessie  1943Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27159
13 Stansell, Richard  06 Aug 1915Rockdale, NSW, Australia I38937
14 Thornton, Elsie  20 Aug 1915Rockdale, NSW, Australia I38885
15 Tuckwell, Frances Emily Mary  1923Rockdale, NSW, Australia I32338
16 Upton, Herbert Lewis  1921Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27581
17 Wales, Alfred Andrew  20 Dec 1940Rockdale, NSW, Australia I791
18 Wales, Lily  1931Rockdale, NSW, Australia I15273
19 Wolloghan, William James  1902Rockdale, NSW, Australia I27196


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Upton  1906Rockdale, NSW, Australia F7326
2 Bayly / Cooke  1923Rockdale, NSW, Australia F7306
3 Coomber / Martin  1937Rockdale, NSW, Australia F7434
4 Coomber / Nagle  1932Rockdale, NSW, Australia F7435
5 Craighead / Wessel  1927Rockdale, NSW, Australia F7494
6 Dixon / Myles  24 Jan 1925Rockdale, NSW, Australia F8268
7 Dredge / Tuckwell  1920Rockdale, NSW, Australia F8185
8 Edwards / Anderson  1939Rockdale, NSW, Australia F7222
9 Goodwin / Butler  1912Rockdale, NSW, Australia F7138
10 Jarvis / Palmer  1925Rockdale, NSW, Australia F7233
11 Loftus / Noonan  1914Rockdale, NSW, Australia F7450
12 Longley / Begg  1910Rockdale, NSW, Australia F4083
13 McConnell / Mills  1936Rockdale, NSW, Australia F927
14 Mulley / Gilmour  1932Rockdale, NSW, Australia F6453
15 Pearsall / Begg  1912Rockdale, NSW, Australia F4056
16 Poll / Blake  1915Rockdale, NSW, Australia F5373
17 Selby / Downes  1938Rockdale, NSW, Australia F7445
18 Stansell / Thornton  1912Rockdale, NSW, Australia F8923
19 Stennett / Bradshaw  1933Rockdale, NSW, Australia F5790
20 Stiff / Scope  1938Rockdale, NSW, Australia F8699
21 Tuckwell / Porter  1924Rockdale, NSW, Australia F8188
22 Wales / Ferguson  1921Rockdale, NSW, Australia F1942
23 Weekes / Burr  1924Rockdale, NSW, Australia F4679
24 White / Wales  1932Rockdale, NSW, Australia F1949
25 Wolloghan / Davies  1928Rockdale, NSW, Australia F7249