AUSIGEN - Family History

Woollahra, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barker, Charles M  1908Woollahra, NSW, Australia I27076
2 Barker, Kathleen McClenand  1906Woollahra, NSW, Australia I27074
3 Bean, Constance S  1887Woollahra, NSW, Australia I41575
4 Bean, Laura E  1883Woollahra, NSW, Australia I41574
5 Butler, Samuel John  1881Woollahra, NSW, Australia I26901
6 Crowe, Elizabeth  30 Nov 1875Woollahra, NSW, Australia I27202
7 Davis, Edward Roy  1909Woollahra, NSW, Australia I3676
8 Davis, Sidney Phillip  19 Nov 1914Woollahra, NSW, Australia I2490
9 Dunn, Arthur B  1911Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28561
10 Dunn, Cecil J  1899Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28555
11 Dunn, Charles E  1895Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28552
12 Dunn, Edward T  1893Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28551
13 Dunn, Enid V  1904Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28556
14 Dunn, Frederick Roy  1906Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28558
15 Dunn, Henry A  1908Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28560
16 Dunn, Langloh E  1889Woollahra, NSW, Australia I20347
17 Dunn, Marie Theresa  1909Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28512
18 Dunn, Reginald G  1896Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28553
19 Fletcher, Martha L  1900Woollahra, NSW, Australia I27888
20 Gilbert, Ada  1888Woollahra, NSW, Australia I39225
21 Hughes, Agnes Jane  1910Woollahra, NSW, Australia I40036
22 James, Roy  1899Woollahra, NSW, Australia I7948
23 Kerr, Norman A  1914Woollahra, NSW, Australia I24615
24 Loudon, William J  1915Woollahra, NSW, Australia I19331
25 Mackintosh, Clarence N  1908Woollahra, NSW, Australia I16434
26 Mansfield, Mary A  09 Jan 1913Woollahra, NSW, Australia I20886
27 Mansfield, Ralph Shelley  1915Woollahra, NSW, Australia I20887
28 Morrison, Jean H  1915Woollahra, NSW, Australia I24160
29 New, Maurice  1916Woollahra, NSW, Australia I20448
30 Parker, Howard Henry Shelley  1902Woollahra, NSW, Australia I20910
31 Pickering, Florence Jane  27 Aug 1868Woollahra, NSW, Australia I29594
32 Pickering, Sydney Spencer  17 Nov 1865Woollahra, NSW, Australia I29593
33 Scales, William Ernest  1893Woollahra, NSW, Australia I26572
34 Sheather, Heather Isabel  1902Woollahra, NSW, Australia I30154
35 Somerville, Robert J C C  1903Woollahra, NSW, Australia I26664
36 Tegel, Eric Edward  1905Woollahra, NSW, Australia I31812
37 Tegel, Klara Louise  15 Aug 1892Woollahra, NSW, Australia I29748
38 Tegel, Lilian Florence  1910Woollahra, NSW, Australia I19210
39 Tegel, Norman J  1911Woollahra, NSW, Australia I31814
40 Tegel, Rudolf Wilhelm  16 Jul 1890Woollahra, NSW, Australia I29747
41 Tegel, Vera E  1916Woollahra, NSW, Australia I31815
42 Walker, Charles Shelley Mansfield  04 Apr 1900Woollahra, NSW, Australia I20874
43 Williams, Constance L  09 Apr 1900Woollahra, NSW, Australia I26761


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dunn, Cecil J  1899Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28555
2 Dunn, Frederick Thomas  20 Jul 1926Woollahra, NSW, Australia I7752
3 Dunn, Richard G  1910Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28607
4 Farthing, Alexander Armstrong  1917Woollahra, NSW, Australia I21135
5 Frost, Mary Ann  10 Jul 1936Woollahra, NSW, Australia I14627
6 Higgs, Richard G  1926Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28251
7 Mansfield, George Allen  1908Woollahra, NSW, Australia I4634
8 Mansfield, Walter Charles  01 Mar 1939Woollahra, NSW, Australia I20883
9 Normile, Johanna  26 Jun 1913Woollahra, NSW, Australia I23568
10 Nothnagel, Anna  1921Woollahra, NSW, Australia I29733
11 Pawley, Mary A  1889Woollahra, NSW, Australia I23640
12 Pickering, Mary Ann  1909Woollahra, NSW, Australia I29576
13 Pickering, Susan Australia  29 Jun 1932Woollahra, NSW, Australia I29588
14 Ridge, Isabella Jane  05 May 1888Woollahra, NSW, Australia I23117
15 Stuckey, Lydia  1900Woollahra, NSW, Australia I30430
16 Tegel, Eduard  18 Feb 1914Woollahra, NSW, Australia I29722
17 Turner, Blanche Mary  25 Nov 1920Woollahra, NSW, Australia I6613
18 Watts, Marie  1994Woollahra, NSW, Australia I28754
19 Woodward, John Christopher  27 Apr 1933Woollahra, NSW, Australia I7832


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Pickering, George  Bef 05 May 1875Woollahra, NSW, Australia I29575


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Auliff / Smith  08 Jan 1941Woollahra, NSW, Australia F5192
2 Brown / Howell  1924Woollahra, NSW, Australia F7557
3 Corby / James  1942Woollahra, NSW, Australia F6368
4 Dunn / Chard  1920Woollahra, NSW, Australia F7466
5 Dunn / Dykes  1913Woollahra, NSW, Australia F2435
6 Dunn / Lamb  1929Woollahra, NSW, Australia F7468
7 Dunn / Parkin  1940Woollahra, NSW, Australia F2445
8 Fell / Hastings  1937Woollahra, NSW, Australia F4344
9 Freestone / New  1941Woollahra, NSW, Australia F3662
10 Hill / Corby  1910Woollahra, NSW, Australia F6333
11 Irvine / Mansfield  15 Apr 1914Woollahra, NSW, Australia F5965
12 James / Hawksford  1905Woollahra, NSW, Australia F1683
13 Lamb / Dunn  1923Woollahra, NSW, Australia F7467
14 Leeming / Matthews  25 May 1904Woollahra, NSW, Australia F3673
15 Mansfield / Stuart  1941Woollahra, NSW, Australia F5967
16 Mathews / Oakes  1937Woollahra, NSW, Australia F5980
17 Moriarty / Cobcroft  1887Woollahra, NSW, Australia F6605
18 Morris / Pickering  21 Aug 1879Woollahra, NSW, Australia F7616
19 Norton / Dunn  1909Woollahra, NSW, Australia F2431
20 Palmer / Woodward  1921Woollahra, NSW, Australia F7460
21 Pawley / Halse  1942Woollahra, NSW, Australia F7131
22 Pawley / Williams  31 Mar 1897Woollahra, NSW, Australia F5273
23 Pointing / Maling  1931Woollahra, NSW, Australia F7204
24 Shelley / Pell  1888Woollahra, NSW, Australia F5941
25 Surry / Doran  1930Woollahra, NSW, Australia F6320
26 Walker / Mansfield  27 Oct 1898Woollahra, NSW, Australia F5960
27 Woodward / Rust  1933Woollahra, NSW, Australia F7461