AUSIGEN - Family History

Wollongong, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Annie T  1869Wollongong, NSW, Australia I30593
2 Allen, Arthur S  1871Wollongong, NSW, Australia I30594
3 Allen, Jessie M  1863Wollongong, NSW, Australia I30590
4 Allen, Louisa B  1862Wollongong, NSW, Australia I30589
5 Allen, Stephen J  1865Wollongong, NSW, Australia I30591
6 Barker, David  Abt 1862Wollongong, NSW, Australia I1046
7 Best, Leslie Robert  1880Wollongong, NSW, Australia I31419
8 Butt, Jesse  1845Wollongong, NSW, Australia I28039
9 Davis, William J B  1868Wollongong, NSW, Australia I23684
10 Gibson, Mary J  1887Wollongong, NSW, Australia I9954
11 Haeusler, Eric Herbert  10 Sep 1909Wollongong, NSW, Australia I39669
12 Hayes, Norman William  14 Sep 1911Wollongong, NSW, Australia I8762
13 Hoey, David  06 Mar 1839Wollongong, NSW, Australia I15170
14 Hudson, Milton Darrell  13 Mar 1928Wollongong, NSW, Australia I6770
15 Mathie, Russell Ebenezer  22 Dec 1909Wollongong, NSW, Australia I40501
16 McKenzie, Catherine  15 May 1842Wollongong, NSW, Australia I14840
17 Solomon, Phillip Levy  1869Wollongong, NSW, Australia I29600
18 Stennett, Edwin Felix  07 May 1858Wollongong, NSW, Australia I18003
19 Thornton, William Arnold  26 Aug 1857Wollongong, NSW, Australia I11546
20 Wonson, Alfred Ernest  1914Wollongong, NSW, Australia I7437
21 Wonson, Iris Alberta  1909Wollongong, NSW, Australia I7438
22 Wonson, Norman Henry  1916Wollongong, NSW, Australia I16430
23 Wonson, Stanley Collett  19 Feb 1911Wollongong, NSW, Australia I7436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aubrey, Marie  02 Apr 1990Wollongong, NSW, Australia I40490
2 Buckland, Roy  11 Aug 1996Wollongong, NSW, Australia I40505
3 Byrne, Arthur  1960Wollongong, NSW, Australia I41404
4 Collett, Angelina  1943Wollongong, NSW, Australia I3047
5 Collett, Margaret  1944Wollongong, NSW, Australia I3048
6 Cox, Doris  15 Oct 1988Wollongong, NSW, Australia I40507
7 Cross, Edward Hewish  19 Sep 1998Wollongong, NSW, Australia I18316
8 Crossley, Terence Uson Ferdinand Eric  01 Apr 1981Wollongong, NSW, Australia I1732
9 Fairhall, Hilda Almeda Mabel  09 Jan 1984Wollongong, NSW, Australia I17149
10 Greaves, James Richmond J  Wollongong, NSW, Australia I12036
11 Hart, Valerie June  29 Sep 1956Wollongong, NSW, Australia I19170
12 Jones, Walter Frederick William  03 Sep 1986Wollongong, NSW, Australia I1143
13 Kerr, John G  1923Wollongong, NSW, Australia I22481
14 Ketteridge, Martha Jane  19 Jul 1955Wollongong, NSW, Australia I40413
15 King, Bertie Leonard  27 Jun 1984Wollongong, NSW, Australia I17743
16 Neil, Catherine Havegal  28 Oct 1976Wollongong, NSW, Australia I26207
17 Paton, Kathleen Joyce  1996Wollongong, NSW, Australia I33834
18 Poppitt, Emily  Wollongong, NSW, Australia I12037
19 Sheather, William Ernest  07 Dec 1964Wollongong, NSW, Australia I20613
20 Spearing, Gordon B  29 Sep 1982Wollongong, NSW, Australia I5529
21 Sutherland, Rebecca Jane  12 Feb 1934Wollongong, NSW, Australia I2478
22 Sykes, Kathleen Isabel  1977Wollongong, NSW, Australia I42036
23 Vormister, Charles Edward  09 Apr 1946Wollongong, NSW, Australia I40412
24 Vormister, Christopher  22 Oct 1971Wollongong, NSW, Australia I27001
25 Vormister, Dulcie  01 May 1987Wollongong, NSW, Australia I40504
26 Vormister, Norman  11 Aug 1993Wollongong, NSW, Australia I40489
27 Whiteman, Emily Elizabeth  1928Wollongong, NSW, Australia I30561
28 Winton, Edward Booth  17 Jul 1945Wollongong, NSW, Australia I3559
29 Winton, Gladys Myee  11 May 1995Wollongong, NSW, Australia I3560
30 Wonson, Albert Henry  1944Wollongong, NSW, Australia I5497
31 Wonson, Norman Henry  1936Wollongong, NSW, Australia I16430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Loiterton, Maude  1961Wollongong, NSW, Australia I1095
2 Winton, Gladys Myee  Bef 11 May 1995Wollongong, NSW, Australia I3560
3 Winton, Marjory Susanah  Wollongong, NSW, Australia I3563


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 James / James  1908Wollongong, NSW, Australia F1685
2 Ross / McKenzie  1861Wollongong, NSW, Australia F4239
3 Slattery / James  1941Wollongong, NSW, Australia F9597
4 Sullivan / Massey  1938Wollongong, NSW, Australia F6652
5 Winton / Frost  07 Apr 1934Wollongong, NSW, Australia F1464