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Waterloo, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bateup, Unnamed  1873Waterloo, NSW, Australia I45039
2 Beck, Grace Julia  03 Mar 1890Waterloo, NSW, Australia I32466
3 Beck, Robert Henry  31 Aug 1896Waterloo, NSW, Australia I32465
4 Beck, Violet P  1895Waterloo, NSW, Australia I32464
5 Bottle, Stanley J  1910Waterloo, NSW, Australia I32433
6 Brennan, Clarice Veronica  28 Apr 1909Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27355
7 Brennan, Margaret Elizabeth  16 Oct 1907Waterloo, NSW, Australia I17907
8 Brennan, William Reginald  01 Aug 1911Waterloo, NSW, Australia I18118
9 Brown, Ada  1883Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28095
10 Brown, Emily May  1881Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28094
11 Brown, William  1885Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28096
12 Butler, Arthur Graham  1895Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27339
13 Butler, Charlotte E M  1888Waterloo, NSW, Australia I26907
14 Butler, Dulcie Beatrice  1901Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27341
15 Butler, Ellen Louise  1884Waterloo, NSW, Australia I26903
16 Butler, Frank Pointer Iredale  30 Aug 1889Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27322
17 Butler, Irene F  1893Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27338
18 Butler, Iris E  1899Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27340
19 Butler, Joseph Russell  1890Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27337
20 Cameron, Alfred E  1878Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28357
21 Cameron, Arthur John  1875Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28349
22 Cameron, Beatrice L  1908Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28375
23 Cameron, Edith May  1881Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28361
24 Cameron, Edna M  1906Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28353
25 Cameron, Elsie B  1907Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28374
26 Cameron, Emily A  1882Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28363
27 Cameron, Frances Elizabeth  1879Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28358
28 Cameron, Frank Edward  1892Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28366
29 Cameron, James Henry  1877Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28356
30 Cameron, John R  1902Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28351
31 Cameron, Mildred A  1895Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28367
32 Cameron, Robert G  1889Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28365
33 Cameron, Saidee E  1903Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28352
34 Cameron, William A  1886Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28364
35 Carmichael, Aurthur  1885Waterloo, NSW, Australia I23674
36 Collett, William Griffith Rees  1882Waterloo, NSW, Australia I3594
37 Coomber, Albert  1884Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28332
38 Coomber, Alfred Ernest  1878Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28329
39 Coomber, Cecil Frederick  1899Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28336
40 Coomber, Edith Louisa  1876Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28328
41 Coomber, Ethel May  1880Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28330
42 Coomber, Frederick  1874Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28327
43 Coomber, Leslie R  1896Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28335
44 Coomber, Mabel L  1872Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28326
45 Coomber, William H  1882Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28331
46 Corkill, William C  1906Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28360
47 Daniels, Alfred Ernest  1882Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27228
48 Daniels, Alice M  1885Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27230
49 Daniels, Lilian  1880Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27227
50 Daniels, Lottie  1887Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27231

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bateup, Unnamed  1873Waterloo, NSW, Australia I45039
2 Butler, Charlotte E M  1893Waterloo, NSW, Australia I26907
3 Butler, Iris E  1900Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27340
4 Cameron, John Robert  17 Dec 1896Waterloo, NSW, Australia I8018
5 Coomber, Edith Louisa  1877Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28328
6 Coomber, Mabel L  1874Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28326
7 Curtis, Lydia Ann  16 Feb 1909Waterloo, NSW, Australia I26453
8 Evans, Ada E  03 Dec 1872Waterloo, NSW, Australia I7995
9 Evans, Alice M  03 Dec 1872Waterloo, NSW, Australia I7996
10 Evans, Arthur  1877Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28075
11 Evans, Charles William  25 Nov 1881Waterloo, NSW, Australia I4643
12 Evans, Edith  1877Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28074
13 Evans, Edith Emma  1880Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28077
14 Evans, Frances I  1901Waterloo, NSW, Australia I33989
15 Evans, Leslie R  1904Waterloo, NSW, Australia I33990
16 Evans, Minnie  1880Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28076
17 Evans, Rachel  26 Dec 1877Waterloo, NSW, Australia I7998
18 Fletcher, Arthur Henry  20 Sep 1929Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27203
19 Harrison, Gertrude S  1902Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28290
20 Harrison, James H  1883Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28284
21 Jowers, Alice  1885Waterloo, NSW, Australia I15023
22 Kirk, Rosetta  18 Jul 1897Waterloo, NSW, Australia I5838
23 Metcalf, Ena Florence  03 Aug 1999Waterloo, NSW, Australia I17045
24 Perry, James  1887Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28100
25 Ward, William Henry James  29 Mar 1915Waterloo, NSW, Australia I27112
26 Weatherby, James  1897Waterloo, NSW, Australia I36890


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Luland, Frederick Henry  11 Dec 1896Waterloo, NSW, Australia I28085


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bottle / Gorman  1911Waterloo, NSW, Australia F8205
2 Brown / Evans  19 Mar 1880Waterloo, NSW, Australia F2484
3 Cameron / Evans  1874Waterloo, NSW, Australia F2495
4 Cameron / Snowdon  1906Waterloo, NSW, Australia F7440
5 Carroll / Faint  1919Waterloo, NSW, Australia F8238
6 Cass / Shelley  1909Waterloo, NSW, Australia F1764
7 Corkill / Cameron  1904Waterloo, NSW, Australia F7437
8 Daniels / Butler  1877Waterloo, NSW, Australia F7144
9 Evans / Lister  1895Waterloo, NSW, Australia F2487
10 Fairhall / Wholert  Abt 1938Waterloo, NSW, Australia F5065
11 Hartge / Riley  1908Waterloo, NSW, Australia F4312
12 Higgins / Hulme  1905Waterloo, NSW, Australia F7728
13 McCarty / McSweeney  1909Waterloo, NSW, Australia F3822
14 Milham / Smith  1908Waterloo, NSW, Australia F6617
15 Moulds / Watkins  1908Waterloo, NSW, Australia F1976
16 Nettleship / Cameron  1901Waterloo, NSW, Australia F7438
17 Peplow / Williams  04 Jun 1908Waterloo, NSW, Australia F7115
18 Pointing / Daniels  1881Waterloo, NSW, Australia F7205
19 Willison / Milverton  1882Waterloo, NSW, Australia F7850
20 Wilson / Thornton  15 Oct 1909Waterloo, NSW, Australia F8922
21 Winsor / Bateman  1893Waterloo, NSW, Australia F5313