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Taree, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allan, Cecilia M  1889Taree, NSW, Australia I14944
2 Allan, Eliza J  1886Taree, NSW, Australia I14943
3 Allan, Francis Mary  1883Taree, NSW, Australia I14942
4 Allan, Sydney E  1892Taree, NSW, Australia I14945
5 Baskerville, Beatrice M  1891Taree, NSW, Australia I20609
6 Baskerville, Gertrude M  1890Taree, NSW, Australia I20608
7 Baskerville, Irene B  1896Taree, NSW, Australia I20610
8 Burns, Arthur B  1910Taree, NSW, Australia I16701
9 Burns, Dorothy I M  1901Taree, NSW, Australia I16698
10 Burns, Dulcie M  1912Taree, NSW, Australia I16702
11 Burns, Elvie E I  1903Taree, NSW, Australia I16697
12 Burns, Lawrence James  1907Taree, NSW, Australia I16700
13 Burns, Mabel L  1912Taree, NSW, Australia I16703
14 Burns, Morrell C  1905Taree, NSW, Australia I16699
15 Flett, Alistair Macquarie  02 Feb 1920Taree, NSW, Australia I27620
16 Flett, Roderick Henry  1916Taree, NSW, Australia I27615
17 Flett, Stanley Alexander  Jul 1915Taree, NSW, Australia I27613
18 Gardner, Edwin Robert  1885Taree, NSW, Australia I41552
19 Gardner, Helena Maud  30 Jan 1889Taree, NSW, Australia I41555
20 Gardner, Jane Janet  1887Taree, NSW, Australia I41554
21 Kell, Harriett M  1909Taree, NSW, Australia I43966
22 Kell, Leonard R  1897Taree, NSW, Australia I43964
23 Kell, Reginald Clarence  1901Taree, NSW, Australia I43965
24 Kell, William E  1895Taree, NSW, Australia I43963
25 Lambert, Benjamin G  1912Taree, NSW, Australia I16852
26 Lambert, Clarence A  1897Taree, NSW, Australia I16846
27 Lambert, Harvey H  1900Taree, NSW, Australia I16848
28 Lambert, John A  1917Taree, NSW, Australia I16853
29 Lambert, Lester M  1905Taree, NSW, Australia I16850
30 Lambert, Lorna Gertrude  1909Taree, NSW, Australia I16851
31 Lambert, Melvie N N  1902Taree, NSW, Australia I16849
32 Pullen, Elsie Adel  02 Sep 1895Taree, NSW, Australia I16804
33 Pullen, Stanley K  1898Taree, NSW, Australia I16769
34 Rutherford, Cecil  1912Taree, NSW, Australia I32388
35 Rutherford, Darlene Elizabeth  1916Taree, NSW, Australia I32391
36 Rutherford, Florence Evelyn  1914Taree, NSW, Australia I32390
37 Rutherford, Harry Balfour  1918Taree, NSW, Australia I32389
38 Rutherford, James Arthur  1909Taree, NSW, Australia I32387
39 Sheather, Adrian Victor  Oct 1888Taree, NSW, Australia I16722
40 Sheather, Alick James  1885Taree, NSW, Australia I14918
41 Sheather, Charles Edgar  1890Taree, NSW, Australia I14920
42 Sheather, Charles Henry  28 Sep 1904Taree, NSW, Australia I30108
43 Sheather, Claude Howard  1890Taree, NSW, Australia I16723
44 Sheather, Drusilla Whitmore  1883Taree, NSW, Australia I14929
45 Sheather, Dulcie Jean Adele  1914Taree, NSW, Australia I16809
46 Sheather, Edith I  1912Taree, NSW, Australia I30035
47 Sheather, Edith I M  1912Taree, NSW, Australia I16813
48 Sheather, Ernest Manning  15 Jun 1874Taree, NSW, Australia I14852
49 Sheather, Eva Matilda  1895Taree, NSW, Australia I20214
50 Sheather, Florence Ann  1894Taree, NSW, Australia I14921

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allan, Charles Frederick  1945Taree, NSW, Australia I14939
2 Allan, Stephen George  1936Taree, NSW, Australia I14938
3 Benham, Maria Rose  11 Oct 1937Taree, NSW, Australia I30729
4 Betts, Ruth  25 Nov 1918Taree, NSW, Australia I14839
5 Bowker, Laura Joyce  06 Oct 1996Taree, NSW, Australia I22153
6 Burns, Lawrence James  1942Taree, NSW, Australia I16700
7 Butler, Alice Elizabeth  Taree, NSW, Australia I13171
8 Butler, Beryl Jane  09 Sep 1984Taree, NSW, Australia I26993
9 Cooper, Charlotte  24 Aug 1946Taree, NSW, Australia I16720
10 Gutsell, Annie Maria  09 Apr 1902Taree, NSW, Australia I39377
11 Kell, Leonard R  15 Oct 1901Taree, NSW, Australia I43964
12 Keyes, Rhoda  1902Taree, NSW, Australia I29941
13 Leroy, Harry Clive  07 Oct 1993Taree, NSW, Australia I29606
14 Minett, George  1900Taree, NSW, Australia I5872
15 Rutherford, Cecil  1913Taree, NSW, Australia I32388
16 Sheather, Adrian Victor  Apr 1889Taree, NSW, Australia I16722
17 Sheather, Benjamin  06 Sep 1925Taree, NSW, Australia I14831
18 Sheather, Charles Henry  24 Feb 1954Taree, NSW, Australia I37008
19 Sheather, Ernest Manning  1875Taree, NSW, Australia I14852
20 Sheather, Florence Ann  1944Taree, NSW, Australia I14921
21 Sheather, Gertrude Clara  09 Aug 1968Taree, NSW, Australia I14930
22 Sheather, Harold George  08 Jan 1973Taree, NSW, Australia I14931
23 Sheather, Harriet  22 Nov 1932Taree, NSW, Australia I14832
24 Sheather, John  30 Mar 1927Taree, NSW, Australia I14829
25 Sheather, John Richard  1876Taree, NSW, Australia I14853
26 Sheather, Mercy  Sep 1886Taree, NSW, Australia I16721
27 Sheather, Mercy M  1904Taree, NSW, Australia I30105
28 Sheather, Preston George  04 Mar 2005Taree, NSW, Australia I33425
29 Sheather, Rhoda  20 Oct 1949Taree, NSW, Australia I14927
30 Shoesmith, Alfred  1908Taree, NSW, Australia I30645
31 Shoesmith, Arthur James  1935Taree, NSW, Australia I14910
32 Shoesmith, George  28 Mar 1910Taree, NSW, Australia I30671
33 Shoesmith, Humphrey John  1930Taree, NSW, Australia I14838
34 Shoesmith, William  1891Taree, NSW, Australia I18623
35 Shoesmith, William Edward  04 Aug 1885Taree, NSW, Australia I30669
36 Shoesmith, William G  1931Taree, NSW, Australia I14906
37 Staples, Benstead  12 Nov 1890Taree, NSW, Australia I14835
38 Tisdell, James William  02 Jul 1919Taree, NSW, Australia I39375
39 Wales, John Wilfred  Taree, NSW, Australia I7233
40 Weekes, James  1895Taree, NSW, Australia I27556
41 Wright, Ellen E  1911Taree, NSW, Australia I26330


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sheather, Adrian Victor  28 Apr 1889Taree, NSW, Australia I16722
2 Sheather, Mercy  13 Sep 1886Taree, NSW, Australia I16721


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 Sheather, Charles Henry  01 May 1942Taree, NSW, Australia I30108


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baskerville / Sheather  1890Taree, NSW, Australia F4747
2 Berry / Lambert  1926Taree, NSW, Australia F4734
3 Burns / Mooney  1934Taree, NSW, Australia F4663
4 Burns / Sheather  1901Taree, NSW, Australia F4277
5 Bushell / Warren  07 Nov 1917Taree, NSW, Australia F7890
6 Gardner / Sheather  13 Sep 1871Taree, NSW, Australia F7698
7 Hollingworth / Warren  04 Jul 1942Taree, NSW, Australia F7348
8 Johnstone / Sheather  12 Oct 1917Taree, NSW, Australia F5879
9 Kell / Allan  1895Taree, NSW, Australia F4282
10 Lambert / Sheather  12 Aug 1896Taree, NSW, Australia F4275
11 Rutherford / Sheather  1909Taree, NSW, Australia F7741
12 Sheather / Delore  1910Taree, NSW, Australia F4269
13 Sheather / Foster  1904Taree, NSW, Australia F4267
14 Sheather / Jarman  1910Taree, NSW, Australia F4031
15 Sheather / Jarman  1910Taree, NSW, Australia F4276
16 Sheather / Lee  1937Taree, NSW, Australia F4717
17 Sheather / Pullen  1913Taree, NSW, Australia F4279
18 Sheather / Staples  1894Taree, NSW, Australia F4248
19 Shoesmith / Benham  22 Jan 1902Taree, NSW, Australia F7880
20 Shoesmith / Coleman  1896Taree, NSW, Australia F4264
21 Shoesmith / Whatson  1902Taree, NSW, Australia F7882
22 Studman / Sheather  03 Jun 1914Taree, NSW, Australia F4280
23 Unicomb / Sheather  19 Jan 1910Taree, NSW, Australia F4278
24 Whatson / Sheather  1904Taree, NSW, Australia F4266
25 Whatson / Shoesmith  1902Taree, NSW, Australia F7881
26 Whibley / Burns  1931Taree, NSW, Australia F4664