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Picton, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alt, John  1900Picton, NSW, Australia I26004
2 Alt, Martha Jane  1885Picton, NSW, Australia I10702
3 Barrett, Matilda Elizabeth  20 May 1855Picton, NSW, Australia I17073
4 Cliff, John Frederick Arthur  1916Picton, NSW, Australia I33329
5 Clifton, Alma  17 Sep 1898Picton, NSW, Australia I20073
6 Clifton, Edith  21 Sep 1899Picton, NSW, Australia I20074
7 Clifton, Stephen Nelson  20 Nov 1893Picton, NSW, Australia I20072
8 Collett, Frederick Charles  30 Apr 1903Picton, NSW, Australia I3054
9 Collett, Jack Alexander  02 Aug 1897Picton, NSW, Australia I3053
10 Haddon, Orlando  14 Nov 1876Picton, NSW, Australia I16481
11 Harvey, Albert Edward  20 Jul 1877Picton, NSW, Australia I4060
12 Harvey, Alma J  1914Picton, NSW, Australia I16417
13 Harvey, Amy Elizabeth Mildred  04 Jul 1882Picton, NSW, Australia I4062
14 Harvey, Arthur Herbert  12 Sep 1879Picton, NSW, Australia I4061
15 Harvey, Charlotte Maria  10 Sep 1869Picton, NSW, Australia I4056
16 Harvey, Elsie Maude  1909Picton, NSW, Australia I7322
17 Harvey, Emily May  28 Jul 1875Picton, NSW, Australia I4059
18 Harvey, James William  23 Mar 1867Picton, NSW, Australia I4055
19 Harvey, Leslie A  1912Picton, NSW, Australia I16418
20 Harvey, Lucy Hannah Hammond  16 Aug 1871Picton, NSW, Australia I4057
21 Harvey, Mabel A  1907Picton, NSW, Australia I16416
22 Harvey, Percy Thomas  18 Aug 1873Picton, NSW, Australia I4058
23 McInnes, Albert Victor  03 Sep 1892Picton, NSW, Australia I5687
24 McInnes, Ann Isobella  29 Jun 1854Picton, NSW, Australia I177
25 McInnes, Charles  30 Aug 1884Picton, NSW, Australia I113
26 McInnes, Eliza Ellen  13 Dec 1886Picton, NSW, Australia I186
27 McInnes, Mary  1859Picton, NSW, Australia I1540
28 McKnight, Sybil Eileen  26 Apr 1895Picton, NSW, Australia I19027
29 McLean, Alexander  1867Picton, NSW, Australia I17005
30 McLean, Angus  1866Picton, NSW, Australia I175
31 McLean, Hugh R  1861Picton, NSW, Australia I17004
32 McLean, Jack  1862Picton, NSW, Australia I174
33 New, Cecil John  04 Nov 1917Picton, NSW, Australia I31592
34 New, Dora May  30 May 1905Picton, NSW, Australia I31586
35 New, Elsie  1913Picton, NSW, Australia I31591
36 New, Elsie Jean  Jul 1911Picton, NSW, Australia I31590
37 New, Freda Ethel  28 Jun 1906Picton, NSW, Australia I31587
38 New, Marjorie Norma  20 Dec 1907Picton, NSW, Australia I31588
39 New, Maude  1886Picton, NSW, Australia I22344
40 New, Owen Wilfred  18 Feb 1901Picton, NSW, Australia I31584
41 New, Phyllis Edna  22 Jun 1903Picton, NSW, Australia I31585
42 Plows, Annie  1870Picton, NSW, Australia I32286
43 Plows, Donald D  1868Picton, NSW, Australia I32284
44 Plows, George Henry  1864Picton, NSW, Australia I32360
45 Plows, Isabella J  1865Picton, NSW, Australia I32358
46 Plows, Isabella J  1866Picton, NSW, Australia I32361
47 Plows, John T  1858Picton, NSW, Australia I32355
48 Plows, Louisa  08 Jan 1863Picton, NSW, Australia I32357
49 Plows, Robert John  1864Picton, NSW, Australia I32283
50 Plows, William C  1866Picton, NSW, Australia I32302

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clark, Elsie  30 Dec 1947Picton, NSW, Australia I31583
2 Harvey, Arthur Herbert  04 Oct 1906Picton, NSW, Australia I4061
3 Harvey, Emily May  25 Sep 1876Picton, NSW, Australia I4059
4 Harvey, Thomas  10 Jun 1921Picton, NSW, Australia I504
5 Kirk, Henry Ernest  17 May 1899Picton, NSW, Australia I5840
6 McInnes, Albert Victor  23 Sep 1892Picton, NSW, Australia I5687
7 McInnes, Angus  15 Apr 1903Picton, NSW, Australia I21154
8 McInnes, Ellen  18 Sep 1883Picton, NSW, Australia I172
9 McInnes, Malcolm  1907Picton, NSW, Australia I18528
10 McLean, Hugh R  1861Picton, NSW, Australia I17004
11 New, Cecil John  14 Mar 1926Picton, NSW, Australia I31592
12 New, Elsie Jean  21 Oct 1912Picton, NSW, Australia I31590
13 Plows, John Thomas  14 Mar 1865Picton, NSW, Australia I32307
14 Tomsett, William  28 Jun 1915Picton, NSW, Australia I29930


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 McInnes, Angus  10 Mar 1888Picton, NSW, Australia I18524
2 McInnes, Angus  Abt 16 Apr 1903Picton, NSW, Australia I21154


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 McLean, Angus  11 Apr 1866Picton, NSW, Australia I175
2 McLean, Jack  23 Oct 1862Picton, NSW, Australia I174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 McInnes, Malcolm  Picton, NSW, Australia I18528


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cliff / Haynes  1916Picton, NSW, Australia F6690
2 Davies / New  1854Picton, NSW, Australia F4299
3 Harvey / Dawson  1907Picton, NSW, Australia F1572
4 Harvey / Wilkinson  04 Apr 1906Picton, NSW, Australia F1570
5 James / Haddon  1939Picton, NSW, Australia F1308
6 Maling / Hughes  1929Picton, NSW, Australia F7336
7 McInnes / Harvey  13 Nov 1883Picton, NSW, Australia F85
8 Moulds / Higson  1917Picton, NSW, Australia F1935
9 New / Clark  1899Picton, NSW, Australia F4303
10 Plows / McLean  1858Picton, NSW, Australia F8181
11 Spearing / Harvey  25 Mar 1903Picton, NSW, Australia F1573