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Paddington, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnew, Lew  03 Mar 1918Paddington, NSW, Australia I28
2 Anderson, Annie Maria  1880Paddington, NSW, Australia I16994
3 Anderson, Margaret  18 Jun 1888Paddington, NSW, Australia I168
4 Bacon, Jean E B  1909Paddington, NSW, Australia I44092
5 Bean, Charles F  1876Paddington, NSW, Australia I41576
6 Bean, Edith M  1877Paddington, NSW, Australia I41573
7 Bean, Frank F  1880Paddington, NSW, Australia I41572
8 Beck, Albert C  1892Paddington, NSW, Australia I32462
9 Beck, Richard J  24 Sep 1893Paddington, NSW, Australia I32463
10 Beecroft, Edward Montague  1872Paddington, NSW, Australia I1583
11 Beecroft, Minnie E  1874Paddington, NSW, Australia I7772
12 Beecroft, Robert H  1873Paddington, NSW, Australia I7771
13 Beer, Annie E  18 Aug 1859Paddington, NSW, Australia I20707
14 Brennan, John Andrew  12 Jan 1903Paddington, NSW, Australia I27353
15 Campbell, Arthur Milton  08 Jun 1882Paddington, NSW, Australia I45778
16 Cansdell, Florrie  1886Paddington, NSW, Australia I45005
17 Carroll, Frank  1893Paddington, NSW, Australia I32705
18 Cerchi, Doris M  1913Paddington, NSW, Australia I23813
19 Charleston, Marguerite Helena Uglow  1893Paddington, NSW, Australia I39693
20 Clarke, Frederick J  1865Paddington, NSW, Australia I25581
21 Clarke, Mary  1860Paddington, NSW, Australia I25580
22 Clarke, William  1871Paddington, NSW, Australia I25583
23 Coffey, Catherine  1889Paddington, NSW, Australia I11507
24 Curry, Stanley James  1910Paddington, NSW, Australia I45181
25 Doran, Arthur Robert Thomas  1911Paddington, NSW, Australia I22197
26 Dunn, Albert G  1877Paddington, NSW, Australia I20342
27 Dunn, Albert George  1881Paddington, NSW, Australia I7825
28 Dunn, Ann S  1871Paddington, NSW, Australia I20352
29 Dunn, Charles Ernest  1886Paddington, NSW, Australia I7828
30 Dunn, Emily Jane  25 Sep 1851Paddington, NSW, Australia I1165
31 Dunn, Henry James  1874Paddington, NSW, Australia I7822
32 Dunn, Richard Alfred  1884Paddington, NSW, Australia I7827
33 Dunn, Sara Anne  1867Paddington, NSW, Australia I7819
34 Dunn, Unnamed  1883Paddington, NSW, Australia I7826
35 Fairfax, Edward W  1874Paddington, NSW, Australia I21064
36 Fairfax, Harold W  1869Paddington, NSW, Australia I21062
37 Fairfax, John H F  1872Paddington, NSW, Australia I21063
38 Fletcher, Arthur Henry  14 Jul 1905Paddington, NSW, Australia I27208
39 Fletcher, Ellen V  1903Paddington, NSW, Australia I27194
40 Fletcher, Irene M  1901Paddington, NSW, Australia I27193
41 Fletcher, Iris A  1902Paddington, NSW, Australia I27207
42 Fletcher, Lillian M  1899Paddington, NSW, Australia I27205
43 Fletcher, Nora Mildred May  1906Paddington, NSW, Australia I31362
44 Fletcher, William A  1901Paddington, NSW, Australia I27206
45 Goodwin, Ellen W  1915Paddington, NSW, Australia I27345
46 Goodwin, Hugh  1914Paddington, NSW, Australia I27343
47 Goodwin, William J  1912Paddington, NSW, Australia I27342
48 Humbley, Fanny Arnold  1850Paddington, NSW, Australia I41577
49 Jennings, Lillian May  1909Paddington, NSW, Australia I38782
50 Kentwell, Orbel Hubert  18 Nov 1886Paddington, NSW, Australia I6333

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bean, Frederick Arnold  1875Paddington, NSW, Australia I41580
2 Beard, Elizabeth  27 Nov 1926Paddington, NSW, Australia I18503
3 Beecroft, Robert H  1873Paddington, NSW, Australia I7771
4 Brennan, Dorothy Agnes  01 Jul 1934Paddington, NSW, Australia I17195
5 Cerchi, Doris M  1913Paddington, NSW, Australia I23813
6 Corkill, William T  1918Paddington, NSW, Australia I28359
7 Davis, Sarah  30 Jul 1900Paddington, NSW, Australia I11388
8 Dunn, Unnamed  1883Paddington, NSW, Australia I7826
9 Fletcher, Francis James  11 Aug 1915Paddington, NSW, Australia I27191
10 Gardner, Andrew Charles  31 Jan 1922Paddington, NSW, Australia I41548
11 Garven, Albert Thomas  20 May 1928Paddington, NSW, Australia I21119
12 Hoare, Henry William  1871Paddington, NSW, Australia I29577
13 Hodges, William John  17 Dec 1939Paddington, NSW, Australia I27549
14 Hoey, Ada B  1954Paddington, NSW, Australia I15147
15 Luland, Bernice Mary Lillian  1940Paddington, NSW, Australia I28120
16 Mansfield, Mary Jane  28 Feb 1920Paddington, NSW, Australia I4639
17 McLauchlin, Hayden James  04 Apr 1972Paddington, NSW, Australia I28546
18 Murray, Terence  29 Apr 1920Paddington, NSW, Australia I31146
19 Oliver, Bruce Joseph  Between 17 Feb 1943 and 01 Mar 1943Paddington, NSW, Australia I8966
20 Pawley, Austin James  04 Nov 1925Paddington, NSW, Australia I13007
21 Pawley, Blanche Wilhelmina  20 Mar 1861Paddington, NSW, Australia I18469
22 Pawley, Frederick Augustus  22 Jun 1867Paddington, NSW, Australia I18483
23 Pawley, Leslie Austin  1904Paddington, NSW, Australia I26589
24 Pickering, Mary Jane  Jan 1859Paddington, NSW, Australia I29615
25 Shelley, Eleanor Mansfield  1920Paddington, NSW, Australia I20827
26 Soper, Leslie W  1889Paddington, NSW, Australia I26750
27 Tedd, Leon O T T T  1896Paddington, NSW, Australia I26631
28 Wales, Robert James  31 Dec 1936Paddington, NSW, Australia I1453


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 Bean, Charles Henry  08 Mar 1941Paddington, NSW, Australia I20429
2 Crossley, Lloyd George  17 Mar 1942Paddington, NSW, Australia I4887
3 Edgerton, John Owen  16 Jan 1942Paddington, NSW, Australia I31035
4 Loiterton, Harold Leslie  20 Mar 1942Paddington, NSW, Australia I1088
5 Loiterton, Roy Wallis  06 Jun 1940Paddington, NSW, Australia I4536
6 Manning, Leslie Charles  03 Oct 1941Paddington, NSW, Australia I1905
7 Mote, John  29 Apr 1941Paddington, NSW, Australia I11
8 Perceval, Cecil Norman  29 Oct 1940Paddington, NSW, Australia I41111
9 Perceval, Darcy Reginald  16 Apr 1941Paddington, NSW, Australia I40954
10 Perceval, Douglas Crosbie  19 Mar 1941Paddington, NSW, Australia I41121
11 Perceval, Kenneth Alfred  19 Mar 1941Paddington, NSW, Australia I41120
12 Perks, David William  16 Aug 1940Paddington, NSW, Australia I1293
13 Perks, George Wainwright  15 Jan 1942Paddington, NSW, Australia I6686
14 Sheather, Charles Henry  18 Jun 1940Paddington, NSW, Australia I30019
15 Sheather, Charles Stephen  13 Aug 1940Paddington, NSW, Australia I14659
16 Sheather, David Allen  23 May 1940Paddington, NSW, Australia I21385
17 Sheather, James Albert  20 Aug 1941Paddington, NSW, Australia I17255
18 Sheather, Kenneth Charles  28 Feb 1942Paddington, NSW, Australia I10120
19 Sheather, Lawrence Roy  03 Jul 1940Paddington, NSW, Australia I30617
20 Sheather, Mavis Marie  15 Feb 1943Paddington, NSW, Australia I30148
21 Sheather, Milton Thomas  12 Aug 1940Paddington, NSW, Australia I10122
22 Sheather, Ronald Goodin  20 Dec 1941Paddington, NSW, Australia I38068
23 Wales, Leslie Henry  18 Jun 1940Paddington, NSW, Australia I15338
24 Wales, Raymond  18 Jun 1940Paddington, NSW, Australia I746


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bean / Fletcher  1874Paddington, NSW, Australia F2540
2 Bean / Humbley  1872Paddington, NSW, Australia F461
3 Best / Iredale  1875Paddington, NSW, Australia F3123
4 Best / Jones  1931Paddington, NSW, Australia F6557
5 Brigdale / Kentwell  1892Paddington, NSW, Australia F2084
6 Cansdell / Alt  1883Paddington, NSW, Australia F9368
7 Carroll / Martin  1897Paddington, NSW, Australia F4573
8 Coonan / Wales  1901Paddington, NSW, Australia F3730
9 Doubleday / Cobcroft  1885Paddington, NSW, Australia F6603
10 Featherston / Purnell  1886Paddington, NSW, Australia F1902
11 Fletcher / Tobin  28 Dec 1898Paddington, NSW, Australia F7252
12 Fletcher / Walsh  1900Paddington, NSW, Australia F7245
13 Hartge / Coombs  1891Paddington, NSW, Australia F4307
14 Hill / Manning  13 Jan 1942Paddington, NSW, Australia F6252
15 Hines / Pawley  1879Paddington, NSW, Australia F5267
16 Hoare / Pickering  1869Paddington, NSW, Australia F7609
17 Jones / Lenehan  1924Paddington, NSW, Australia F7709
18 Kentwell / Davies  1887Paddington, NSW, Australia F2152
19 Luke / Hewitt  1916Paddington, NSW, Australia F7027
20 McBeath / Hodges  1912Paddington, NSW, Australia F7313
21 McFayden / Beer  1880Paddington, NSW, Australia F5901
22 Moore / Lipscombe  1879Paddington, NSW, Australia F5347
23 New / Giles  1916Paddington, NSW, Australia F6383
24 Pawley / Campbell  1880Paddington, NSW, Australia F5259
25 Pearce / Smith  1927Paddington, NSW, Australia F9200
26 Schofield / Joyce  1921Paddington, NSW, Australia F4319
27 Sinclair / Oliver  29 Jun 1928Paddington, NSW, Australia F2613
28 Smith / Pickering  1873Paddington, NSW, Australia F7610
29 Stuckey / O'Brien  1870Paddington, NSW, Australia F7812