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Marrickville, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annakin, George A  1910Marrickville, NSW, Australia I24721
2 Annakin, Isabel  27 Dec 1892Marrickville, NSW, Australia I9385
3 Annakin, Joseph G  1908Marrickville, NSW, Australia I24720
4 Annakin, Mabel  1899Marrickville, NSW, Australia I24717
5 Annakin, Violet  1896Marrickville, NSW, Australia I24714
6 Annakin, Walter  1889Marrickville, NSW, Australia I24713
7 Attridge, Myra May  10 May 1911Marrickville, NSW, Australia I17921
8 Board, Clara Richmond  12 Mar 1900Marrickville, NSW, Australia I26725
9 Board, Percival Clarence Richmond  1896Marrickville, NSW, Australia I26723
10 Board, Stella Adlene Richmond  1894Marrickville, NSW, Australia I26720
11 Bottle, Albert E  1901Marrickville, NSW, Australia I32438
12 Bottle, Eva M  1905Marrickville, NSW, Australia I32439
13 Bottle, Henry C R  1899Marrickville, NSW, Australia I32437
14 Byrne, James E  1909Marrickville, NSW, Australia I31190
15 Casey, Maurice H J  1903Marrickville, NSW, Australia I29612
16 Collett, Innes Charles Edgar  13 AugMarrickville, NSW, Australia I5535
17 Croft, Noel Pentland  25 Dec 1900Marrickville, NSW, Australia I21009
18 Dunn, Henry R  1907Marrickville, NSW, Australia I28481
19 Ferguson, Louisa E  1898Marrickville, NSW, Australia I12492
20 Fisher, Rose Eva  16 Nov 1889Marrickville, NSW, Australia I26561
21 Forbes, Elsie Eva Beryl  14 Aug 1912Marrickville, NSW, Australia I24150
22 Forbes, William Roy Neal  21 Aug 1907Marrickville, NSW, Australia I24149
23 Gilmour, Gladys Irene  1907Marrickville, NSW, Australia I22528
24 James, Arthur  1910Marrickville, NSW, Australia I35350
25 James, Bruce E  1918Marrickville, NSW, Australia I35353
26 James, Sydney W  1895Marrickville, NSW, Australia I10149
27 James, Warren E  1914Marrickville, NSW, Australia I35352
28 Jones, Thomas William H  18 Jan 1901Marrickville, NSW, Australia I27962
29 Leahy, Edgar Noel  22 May 1895Marrickville, NSW, Australia I9305
30 Linaker, Dorothy Mavis  1917Marrickville, NSW, Australia I44163
31 Longley, Florence E  24 Jul 1911Marrickville, NSW, Australia I14367
32 MacLean, Audrey E  1914Marrickville, NSW, Australia I14964
33 Muras, Frederick Arnold  10 Oct 1902Marrickville, NSW, Australia I25741
34 Pawley, Archie Hope  1889Marrickville, NSW, Australia I26699
35 Perring, Clifton William  23 Sep 1916Marrickville, NSW, Australia I26722
36 Porter, Alan James  1909Marrickville, NSW, Australia I26687
37 Richardson, Mary M  1893Marrickville, NSW, Australia I15017
38 Richardson, Myee S E  1891Marrickville, NSW, Australia I14975
39 Richardson, Robert  1895Marrickville, NSW, Australia I15018
40 Richardson, Warren C  1889Marrickville, NSW, Australia I15016
41 Rudd, Lillian May  06 Aug 1912Marrickville, NSW, Australia I38924
42 Selby, John L  1912Marrickville, NSW, Australia I28396
43 Sheather, Harrie P  1892Marrickville, NSW, Australia I16870
44 Sheather, John Mackenzie  1912Marrickville, NSW, Australia I30279
45 Staff, June Rae  1927Marrickville, NSW, Australia I26369
46 Thorburn, Robert George  1912Marrickville, NSW, Australia I5389
47 Wales, Josephine  1898Marrickville, NSW, Australia I8531
48 Wales, Lois G F  1905Marrickville, NSW, Australia I11413
49 Watson, Edward W  1911Marrickville, NSW, Australia I24140
50 Watson, Eileen Ann  1914Marrickville, NSW, Australia I24142

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Annakin, Joseph  1906Marrickville, NSW, Australia I24706
2 Barnes, Henry Winter  1917Marrickville, NSW, Australia I20842
3 Barnett, Hannah J  27 Nov 1916Marrickville, NSW, Australia I7756
4 Board, Clifton George  23 Nov 1971Marrickville, NSW, Australia I26714
5 Board, George Richmond  25 Jan 1901Marrickville, NSW, Australia I26534
6 Brown, Janet  18 Jul 1894Marrickville, NSW, Australia I13756
7 Butler, Frank Richard  01 May 1955Marrickville, NSW, Australia I28020
8 Chard, Jane  30 May 1910Marrickville, NSW, Australia I31193
9 Chard, Louisa  04 Apr 1933Marrickville, NSW, Australia I31203
10 Charlesworth, Louisa Agnes  11 Apr 1932Marrickville, NSW, Australia I30084
11 Crouch, Richard George Carter  1946Marrickville, NSW, Australia I41816
12 Cusbert, Charlotte Elizabeth  1927Marrickville, NSW, Australia I40470
13 Dunn, Minnie E  17 Nov 1921Marrickville, NSW, Australia I7760
14 Fairhall, Albert Edward  07 Dec 1976Marrickville, NSW, Australia I17200
15 Fairhall, Ethel Ruby  29 Oct 1982Marrickville, NSW, Australia I17190
16 Fell, Victoria Maria  1934Marrickville, NSW, Australia I15035
17 Flynn, Ann Bridget  1948Marrickville, NSW, Australia I31188
18 Harrison, Sydney T  1928Marrickville, NSW, Australia I28281
19 Herrett, William  1948Marrickville, NSW, Australia I797
20 McWhinney, Alexander J W  15 Jun 1969Marrickville, NSW, Australia I17905
21 Perceval, Doreen Myrtle  21 Oct 1959Marrickville, NSW, Australia I40953
22 Plows, Mary Agnes  1923Marrickville, NSW, Australia I32365
23 Poll, Harriet  05 Apr 1905Marrickville, NSW, Australia I18699
24 Poll, William  1922Marrickville, NSW, Australia I18631
25 Waddy, Amelia Matilda  01 Nov 1896Marrickville, NSW, Australia I2135
26 Wales, Josephine  1898Marrickville, NSW, Australia I8531
27 Walker, Horatio Joseph  06 May 1921Marrickville, NSW, Australia I29605
28 Willis, Rebecca  1928Marrickville, NSW, Australia I18632


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 Sheather, Albert Ernest  08 Nov 1939Marrickville, NSW, Australia I38063


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Lambert  1940Marrickville, NSW, Australia F4709
2 Alt / Annakin  1934Marrickville, NSW, Australia F55
3 Annakin / Scott  1914Marrickville, NSW, Australia F6764
4 Barnes / Griffiths  1920Marrickville, NSW, Australia F5919
5 Birk / Richardson  1914Marrickville, NSW, Australia F391
6 Boyd / Walshe  12 Sep 1925Marrickville, NSW, Australia F4793
7 Brooker / Beecroft  1923Marrickville, NSW, Australia F7367
8 Butler / Weine  17 Oct 1934Marrickville, NSW, Australia F7333
9 Coomber / Annakin  1911Marrickville, NSW, Australia F6761
10 Corby / Troy  1929Marrickville, NSW, Australia F6305
11 Cousins / Cummins  09 Nov 1914Marrickville, NSW, Australia F4508
12 Crebert / Board  1945Marrickville, NSW, Australia F7058
13 Denny / Blade  1931Marrickville, NSW, Australia F8405
14 Grey / Gardiner  1917Marrickville, NSW, Australia F7648
15 Harrison / Pickering  Nov 1891Marrickville, NSW, Australia F7583
16 Hills / Geitch  1944Marrickville, NSW, Australia F5624
17 Honeman / Carmichael  1928Marrickville, NSW, Australia F9583
18 Knoke / Hall  1935Marrickville, NSW, Australia F8929
19 Leahy / Johnston  1893Marrickville, NSW, Australia F2753
20 Leahy / Sloman  27 Jun 1936Marrickville, NSW, Australia F2749
21 Martz / James  30 Oct 1905Marrickville, NSW, Australia F1256
22 Mitchell / Metcalf  1927Marrickville, NSW, Australia F4801
23 Overton / Young  1919Marrickville, NSW, Australia F7284
24 Porter / Fawcett  1940Marrickville, NSW, Australia F7055
25 Ray / Sheather  17 Nov 1937Marrickville, NSW, Australia F6047
26 Sheather / Fischer  1938Marrickville, NSW, Australia F4258
27 Stennett / Graham  08 May 1943Marrickville, NSW, Australia F7457
28 Tedd / Chesaner  1894Marrickville, NSW, Australia F7037
29 Van Epen / Sayer  1938Marrickville, NSW, Australia F5025
30 Wales / Rebbeck  1923Marrickville, NSW, Australia F3377
31 Wales / Young  1904Marrickville, NSW, Australia F756
32 Watson / Lewis  12 Jul 1924Marrickville, NSW, Australia F2263
33 Welby / Martin  1910Marrickville, NSW, Australia F4549
34 Young / Hollingshead  1915Marrickville, NSW, Australia F8212