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Manning River, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allan, Alexander Ernest  1879Manning River, NSW, Australia I14940
2 Allan, Charles Frederick  1877Manning River, NSW, Australia I14939
3 Allan, Hannah Helen  1873Manning River, NSW, Australia I14937
4 Allan, Stephen George  1874Manning River, NSW, Australia I14938
5 Gardner, Andrew Charles  1875Manning River, NSW, Australia I41548
6 Gardner, Ann Mary  Abt 1873Manning River, NSW, Australia I41437
7 Gardner, Catherine Mercy  1877Manning River, NSW, Australia I41549
8 Gill, Godfrey  01 Apr 1862Manning River, NSW, Australia I30666
9 Minett, Clara  1867Manning River, NSW, Australia I29944
10 Minett, Edgar Ernest  1871Manning River, NSW, Australia I29947
11 Minett, Harriet  1869Manning River, NSW, Australia I29946
12 Minett, Sarah J  1864Manning River, NSW, Australia I29943
13 Minett, Sophia A  1862Manning River, NSW, Australia I29942
14 Sheather, Clement George  20 Jan 1872Manning River, NSW, Australia I14851
15 Sheather, Edwin  19 Dec 1867Manning River, NSW, Australia I14888
16 Sheather, Emily Amelia  1865Manning River, NSW, Australia I14887
17 Sheather, Emma  1877Manning River, NSW, Australia I14915
18 Sheather, Gertrude Hannah  1871Manning River, NSW, Australia I14890
19 Sheather, Henry Claude  22 Sep 1870Manning River, NSW, Australia I14850
20 Sheather, Jesse Ernest  05 Oct 1868Manning River, NSW, Australia I14849
21 Sheather, Olive  1869Manning River, NSW, Australia I14889
22 Sheather, Walter James  1878Manning River, NSW, Australia I30098
23 Sheather, William Arthur  1880Manning River, NSW, Australia I14916
24 Shoesmith, Abraham  02 Oct 1865Manning River, NSW, Australia I30732
25 Shoesmith, Alfred H  1864Manning River, NSW, Australia I14904
26 Shoesmith, Alice  1867Manning River, NSW, Australia I14905
27 Shoesmith, Arthur James  1879Manning River, NSW, Australia I14910
28 Shoesmith, Charles  19 Feb 1874Manning River, NSW, Australia I30642
29 Shoesmith, Elizabeth  03 Mar 1861Manning River, NSW, Australia I30730
30 Shoesmith, Ellenor H  1870Manning River, NSW, Australia I30673
31 Shoesmith, Emma Louisa  1878Manning River, NSW, Australia I30676
32 Shoesmith, Harriet Hannah  1874Manning River, NSW, Australia I14908
33 Shoesmith, Jonas  04 May 1871Manning River, NSW, Australia I30734
34 Shoesmith, Loranza  1868Manning River, NSW, Australia I30733
35 Shoesmith, Stephen John  1872Manning River, NSW, Australia I14907
36 Shoesmith, Thomas William  1872Manning River, NSW, Australia I31871
37 Shoesmith, Violet Cecilia  1874Manning River, NSW, Australia I30674
38 Shoesmith, William  19 Feb 1863Manning River, NSW, Australia I30731
39 Shoesmith, William G  1869Manning River, NSW, Australia I14906
40 Staples, Albert  1877Manning River, NSW, Australia I14865
41 Staples, Alice  1875Manning River, NSW, Australia I14864
42 Staples, Athur Henry  1872Manning River, NSW, Australia I14863
43 Staples, Charles  1875Manning River, NSW, Australia I14881
44 Staples, Dinah  1867Manning River, NSW, Australia I14867
45 Staples, Emmeline  1862Manning River, NSW, Australia I14870
46 Staples, Ethel Jane  1881Manning River, NSW, Australia I14883
47 Staples, George  1878Manning River, NSW, Australia I14882
48 Staples, Harriett E  1869Manning River, NSW, Australia I14862
49 Staples, Hezekiah J  1864Manning River, NSW, Australia I14871
50 Staples, Louis  1872Manning River, NSW, Australia I14880

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Shoesmith, Loranza  1868Manning River, NSW, Australia I30733


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cobcroft / Hall  1879Manning River, NSW, Australia F6601
2 Laughton / Gill  1877Manning River, NSW, Australia F9147
3 Newton / Brunner  1880Manning River, NSW, Australia F1497
4 Shoesmith / Dykes  1869Manning River, NSW, Australia F7869
5 Shoesmith / Lee  1870Manning River, NSW, Australia F7870
6 Tisdell / Witchard  02 Sep 1857Manning River, NSW, Australia F4714
7 Webster / Shoesmith  1870Manning River, NSW, Australia F7871