AUSIGEN - Family History

Manly, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bottle, Bert R  1915Manly, NSW, Australia I32441
2 Carroll, Doris Evylyn  08 Dec 1907Manly, NSW, Australia I3524
3 Hofflick, Colin W  1911Manly, NSW, Australia I28695
4 Maling, Ena E E  1907Manly, NSW, Australia I27090
5 Maling, Roy  29 Dec 1901Manly, NSW, Australia I27087
6 McLintock, Lorraine  1917Manly, NSW, Australia I26662
7 McLintock, Nellie Catherine  1915Manly, NSW, Australia I26657
8 Moor, Ruth Barclay Betty  1913Manly, NSW, Australia I22127
9 Passmore, John Arthur  09 Sep 1914Manly, NSW, Australia I2964
10 Roberts, Betty M  1917Manly, NSW, Australia I20325
11 Shelley, Adele Julie  15 Sep 1906Manly, NSW, Australia I22190
12 Shelley, Elsie Una  17 Dec 1904Manly, NSW, Australia I22189
13 Tedd, Blanch Maria  1879Manly, NSW, Australia I26632
14 Tedd, Lemuel  1890Manly, NSW, Australia I26643
15 Tedd, Nellie  1881Manly, NSW, Australia I26639
16 Tedd, Ruth  1882Manly, NSW, Australia I26641
17 Walker, Jean T  1911Manly, NSW, Australia I20878
18 Wareham, Sydney James  28 Nov 1914Manly, NSW, Australia I27181


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Best, Diana Elizabeth  20 Nov 1927Manly, NSW, Australia I10599
2 Bishop, Alan C  1900Manly, NSW, Australia I27065
3 Board, William George  1879Manly, NSW, Australia I26702
4 Bottle, Albert E  1927Manly, NSW, Australia I32438
5 Butterworth, Charles  01 May 1934Manly, NSW, Australia I13291
6 Campbell, Catherine  29 Oct 1930Manly, NSW, Australia I26532
7 Cockram, Hyla Edwin  1966Manly, NSW, Australia I15733
8 Dunn, Henry James  02 Mar 1924Manly, NSW, Australia I7753
9 Harrison, Martha  27 Mar 1943Manly, NSW, Australia I6074
10 Hofflick, Colin W  1912Manly, NSW, Australia I28695
11 Holroyd, William David  25 Apr 1970Manly, NSW, Australia I12877
12 Manton, Emma Jane  01 Aug 1912Manly, NSW, Australia I11717
13 McGregor, Leslie Clarence  1972Manly, NSW, Australia I1808
14 McLachlan, Elizabeth Ann  14 Sep 1920Manly, NSW, Australia I38096
15 McLintock, William John  12 Feb 1987Manly, NSW, Australia I26645
16 Mote, Clara Ann  1959Manly, NSW, Australia I15
17 Moule, Ruby  06 Sep 1978Manly, NSW, Australia I947
18 Oakes, Lena Mary  1943Manly, NSW, Australia I20902
19 Parker, Henry Joshiah  Manly, NSW, Australia I20903
20 Parker, Keith Shelley  1964Manly, NSW, Australia I20906
21 Parker, Winifred Mary Shelley  1981Manly, NSW, Australia I20908
22 Pawley, Ethel Ormond  14 Nov 1968Manly, NSW, Australia I26697
23 Pawley, John Whitelaw  29 Dec 1950Manly, NSW, Australia I18466
24 Pawley, Percy Vere  24 May 1955Manly, NSW, Australia I26698
25 Peers, Gertrude Mary  1938Manly, NSW, Australia I28836
26 Shelley, Cecil Harcourt  07 Jan 1944Manly, NSW, Australia I20999
27 Sykes, Sarah Jane  Abt 1986Manly, NSW, Australia I10383
28 Tedd, Blanch Maria  1942Manly, NSW, Australia I26632
29 Tedd, Nellie  20 Mar 1929Manly, NSW, Australia I26639
30 Tompson, Charles John  26 Apr 1927Manly, NSW, Australia I29397
31 Whatham, Albert Ernest  1940Manly, NSW, Australia I16765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 Sheather, Keith Goodin  30 Dec 1941Manly, NSW, Australia I16869


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bushell, Eric Leslie  2008Manly, NSW, Australia I30991


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Armour / Southwell  1941Manly, NSW, Australia F1352
2 Bax / Walker  1932Manly, NSW, Australia F5964
3 Bean / Stokes  1936Manly, NSW, Australia F5800
4 Dunn / Pride  1916Manly, NSW, Australia F5767
5 Goodman / McLintock  1932Manly, NSW, Australia F7095
6 Hofflick / Dunn  1907Manly, NSW, Australia F5764
7 Holroyd / Clifford  13 Apr 1940Manly, NSW, Australia F3724
8 James / Thomas  1922Manly, NSW, Australia F8559
9 Knight / Dunn  1916Manly, NSW, Australia F5769
10 Maling / Whalan  26 Feb 1929Manly, NSW, Australia F7649
11 McLintock / Cartledge  06 Nov 1937Manly, NSW, Australia F7094
12 Pennay / Lumsden  1937Manly, NSW, Australia F3369
13 Sheather / Brooke  Apr 1927Manly, NSW, Australia F4700
14 Stedwell / Peaker  1920Manly, NSW, Australia F7301
15 Thompson / Peterson  1934Manly, NSW, Australia F9118
16 Turner / Wales  1927Manly, NSW, Australia F4390
17 Wales / Stanley  1932Manly, NSW, Australia F4393