AUSIGEN - Family History

Lismore, NSW, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Maymie Doreen  1912Lismore, NSW, Australia I9966
2 Black, Jane E  1914Lismore, NSW, Australia I6492
3 Bostock, Cecil F  1896Lismore, NSW, Australia I16800
4 Bostock, Ivy R  1891Lismore, NSW, Australia I16798
5 Bostock, Richard R  1893Lismore, NSW, Australia I16799
6 Bowen, Norah Elizabeth  16 Jul 1911Lismore, NSW, Australia I44543
7 Cottee, Spencer J  1888Lismore, NSW, Australia I45251
8 Haeusler, Vivian Horton  25 Feb 1911Lismore, NSW, Australia I39670
9 Kenyon, David Ogilive  1895Lismore, NSW, Australia I24113
10 Marr, Hardy  10 Sep 1914Lismore, NSW, Australia I9420
11 McQueen, Dulcy Amy  1913Lismore, NSW, Australia I5495
12 Russell, Margaret Jane  1886Lismore, NSW, Australia I43900
13 Sheather, Cecilia Grace  1884Lismore, NSW, Australia I14896
14 Sheather, Daphne Joyce  22 Nov 1915Lismore, NSW, Australia I36494
15 Simpson, Robert William  23 Jan 1918Lismore, NSW, Australia I39343
16 Staff, Ada Elizabeth  1885Lismore, NSW, Australia I26408
17 Staff, Alma G  1899Lismore, NSW, Australia I26364
18 Staff, Cassandra May  1883Lismore, NSW, Australia I35916
19 Staff, Cecil Richmond  1880Lismore, NSW, Australia I26402
20 Staff, Edith Dorothy  26 Apr 1888Lismore, NSW, Australia I35917
21 Staff, Elizabeth Ida  1890Lismore, NSW, Australia I35915
22 Staff, Ernest J  1892Lismore, NSW, Australia I35918
23 Staff, Ethel Maud  1883Lismore, NSW, Australia I26406
24 Staff, Roland Dunstan  1881Lismore, NSW, Australia I26405
25 Staff, Ruby Sarah  1890Lismore, NSW, Australia I26358
26 Stennett, Moreton Bland  09 Feb 1914Lismore, NSW, Australia I28964
27 Toovey, Leonard F  1893Lismore, NSW, Australia I27277
28 Toovey, Madaline G  1882Lismore, NSW, Australia I27256
29 Toovey, William  1880Lismore, NSW, Australia I27255
30 Winton, Edith May  1880Lismore, NSW, Australia I41429
31 Winton, Ina Eliza  1882Lismore, NSW, Australia I41430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Black, Marshall Van Buren  15 Aug 1943Lismore, NSW, Australia I6445
2 Cannane, William  02 Mar 1972Lismore, NSW, Australia I41050
3 Collett, Kelvin Lawrence  11 Apr 1971Lismore, NSW, Australia I5399
4 Houghton, Jane  1892Lismore, NSW, Australia I10467
5 Roper, Alexander  04 May 1910Lismore, NSW, Australia I20774
6 Sheather, Henry Thomas  13 Jul 1961Lismore, NSW, Australia I14923
7 Sheather, John Oliver  10 Jun 1969Lismore, NSW, Australia I14768
8 Staff, Alfred Norfolk  07 Jun 1908Lismore, NSW, Australia I26440
9 Staff, Edith Dorothy  28 Dec 1989Lismore, NSW, Australia I35917
10 Thompson, Edith May  26 Dec 1915Lismore, NSW, Australia I36490
11 Winton, Henrietta Grace  1945Lismore, NSW, Australia I41424


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bostock / Sheather  1887Lismore, NSW, Australia F4259
2 Carlill / Garven  1885Lismore, NSW, Australia F6043
3 Cottee / Dorrough  1887Lismore, NSW, Australia F9857
4 Linton / Sheather  1929Lismore, NSW, Australia F9269
5 Morgan / Neil  11 Nov 1939Lismore, NSW, Australia F6987
6 Pope / Clifford  12 Apr 1935Lismore, NSW, Australia F3723
7 Sheather / Brown  1934Lismore, NSW, Australia F9268
8 Sheather / Russell  16 Feb 1898Lismore, NSW, Australia F4257
9 Staff / Beardow  1882Lismore, NSW, Australia F7018
10 Staff / Eastment  1898Lismore, NSW, Australia F7008
11 Staff / Houghton  1881Lismore, NSW, Australia F3056
12 Stennett / Weir  1915Lismore, NSW, Australia F5792
13 White / Staff  1921Lismore, NSW, Australia F8650