AUSIGEN - Family History

Gulgong, NSW, Australia



Latitude: -32.3500000, Longitude: 149.5333330


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Annie Mary  1875Gulgong, NSW, Australia I16992
2 Anderson, William Robert  Jan 1877Gulgong, NSW, Australia I16993
3 Bensley, Keith  1907Gulgong, NSW, Australia I19052
4 Buckman, James Ernest Stewart  02 Apr 1909Gulgong, NSW, Australia I4354
5 Clark, Maxwell  1917Gulgong, NSW, Australia I19134
6 James, Albert Thomas  1902Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12068
7 James, Alice Mary  12 Jul 1900Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12067
8 James, Archibald Harold  1910Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12072
9 James, Arthur John  1904Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12069
10 James, Cuthbert Louis  17 Feb 1898Gulgong, NSW, Australia I44636
11 James, Edgar Alexander (Ted)  1888Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12061
12 James, Ernest William  1892Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12064
13 James, Esther Jessica  1895Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12065
14 James, Lena Mable  1890Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12062
15 James, Leslie Arthur  09 Aug 1897Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12066
16 James, Letitia Alberta  1907Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12070
17 James, Lyla Olga Maisie  1915Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12073
18 James, Sydney Morton  26 May 1901Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12056
19 James, Vera Henrietta  11 Nov 1908Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12071
20 James, Walter  1891Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12063
21 Judge, Lawrence Edward  22 Oct 1879Gulgong, NSW, Australia I44169
22 Pearsall, Anne Matilda  10 Jan 1850Gulgong, NSW, Australia I1295
23 Pickering, Lucy Alexandra  26 Jun 1873Gulgong, NSW, Australia I29626
24 Shelley, Emily  1872Gulgong, NSW, Australia I20840
25 Swinson, John Holbeche  24 Feb 1908Gulgong, NSW, Australia I41955
26 Wharf, Sarah A  1875Gulgong, NSW, Australia I32204


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Annie Mary  1877Gulgong, NSW, Australia I16992
2 Anderson, William Robert  10 Apr 1877Gulgong, NSW, Australia I16993
3 Burgess, Dinah  1883Gulgong, NSW, Australia I14504
4 Clark, Maxwell  1917Gulgong, NSW, Australia I19134
5 Glazier, James  1884Gulgong, NSW, Australia I14497
6 James, Albert Thomas  1906Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12068
7 James, Ernest Alister  09 Aug 1929Gulgong, NSW, Australia I4655
8 James, Letitia Alberta  1907Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12070
9 James, Walter  1891Gulgong, NSW, Australia I12063
10 Seabrook, Maria Annie  08 Jan 1877Gulgong, NSW, Australia I16991


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Annie Mary  1877Gulgong, NSW, Australia I16992
2 Anderson, William Robert  1877Gulgong, NSW, Australia I16993
3 Seabrook, Maria Annie  09 Jan 1877Gulgong, NSW, Australia I16991


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Seabrook  1875Gulgong, NSW, Australia F274
2 James / Allan  21 Mar 1888Gulgong, NSW, Australia F1652
3 James / McNalley  1933Gulgong, NSW, Australia F3556
4 James / Sharrock  1926Gulgong, NSW, Australia F3554
5 Paine / Bensley  1921Gulgong, NSW, Australia F5518
6 Perry / James  1933Gulgong, NSW, Australia F3555
7 Richards / Bayly  1925Gulgong, NSW, Australia F7304
8 Underwood / James  1937Gulgong, NSW, Australia F3557
9 Yorke / James  1922Gulgong, NSW, Australia F3549