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Grenfell, NSW, Australia



Latitude: -33.8918989, Longitude: 148.1541984


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barney, Della E  1908Grenfell, NSW, Australia I43851
2 Barney, Douglas O  1911Grenfell, NSW, Australia I43852
3 Barney, Eileen I  1905Grenfell, NSW, Australia I43850
4 Barney, Elsie  1900Grenfell, NSW, Australia I43848
5 Barney, Ena Olive  1898Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36164
6 Barney, Hazel I  1916Grenfell, NSW, Australia I43854
7 Barney, Hillwood R  1902Grenfell, NSW, Australia I43849
8 Barney, Rita A  1913Grenfell, NSW, Australia I43853
9 Bensley, Claude A  1906Grenfell, NSW, Australia I18935
10 Bensley, Frederick M  1917Grenfell, NSW, Australia I18964
11 Bensley, Gordon Edward  1915Grenfell, NSW, Australia I18956
12 Bensley, Gwendoline A  1908Grenfell, NSW, Australia I18936
13 Bensley, Neville Albert  1913Grenfell, NSW, Australia I18937
14 Bensley, Norman Vivian  1914Grenfell, NSW, Australia I18955
15 Bensley, Vera Mabel  1917Grenfell, NSW, Australia I18957
16 Bensley, Walter J  1912Grenfell, NSW, Australia I18954
17 Bensley, William Thomas  1911Grenfell, NSW, Australia I18953
18 Bristow, Frances Osborne  21 Jan 1889Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13186
19 Bristow, Frederick Harold  19 Sep 1882Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13182
20 Bristow, Mary  1883Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13183
21 Bristow, William Clyde  29 Jan 1884Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13184
22 Calvert, Emily Christina  1887Grenfell, NSW, Australia I38992
23 Collett, Freda Jessie  21 Mar 1923Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5608
24 Collett, Gladys Edna Isobel  12 Jan 1920Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5591
25 Collett, Gordon Oswald Phillip  22 Feb 1916Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5583
26 Collett, June Estell  05 Jun 1925Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5612
27 Collett, Leslie John Leonard  1902Grenfell, NSW, Australia I3567
28 Collett, Raymond Edgar George  21 Jun 1911Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5575
29 Collett, Reginald Oscar  05 Nov 1909Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5574
30 Collett, Trevor Donald  18 Mar 1914Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5581
31 Collett, Wesley Ernest  22 Sep 1917Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5588
32 Darwon, John Paul  30 Dec 1944Grenfell, NSW, Australia I11598
33 Hilder, Dulcie B  1893Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36137
34 King, Frederica M  1910Grenfell, NSW, Australia I25924
35 King, Una W  1912Grenfell, NSW, Australia I25923
36 Lamont, Joyce Beryl Pearl  22 Dec 1917Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36187
37 Lamont, Laurence George  1914Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36186
38 Lamont, Raymond Melville Leitch  1913Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36184
39 Lamont, Ronald Henry  1911Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36182
40 Levett, Alston Elwood Silvester  18 Feb 1900Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13206
41 Levett, Francis Rex Keith  25 Jan 1898Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13205
42 Levett, Travor David  15 Dec 1895Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13204
43 McKeough, Kenneth Aubrey  1917Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36218
44 McKeough, Olive Mavis  1915Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36216
45 Meldrum, Ivy Rebecca  10 Oct 1888Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13164
46 Meldrum, Kathleen V  1890Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13166
47 Meldrum, Myrtle Kate  17 Jul 1892Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13168
48 Meldrum, Raymond  Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13167
49 Meldrum, Robert William  1891Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13165
50 Miles, Henry Ernest  1905Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5554

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Batkin, Norman Sidney  15 Nov 1975Grenfell, NSW, Australia I10154
2 Begg, Gladys Marguerite  11 Dec 1992Grenfell, NSW, Australia I786
3 Bensley, Frederick M  1924Grenfell, NSW, Australia I18964
4 Best, Henry Alfred  1940Grenfell, NSW, Australia I39759
5 Best, Jane Penelope  18 Sep 1916Grenfell, NSW, Australia I10608
6 Budge, Daniel  11 Jun 1937Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13136
7 Callow, Fanny Elizabeth  1943Grenfell, NSW, Australia I15894
8 Collett, Laura Beatrice Pearl  21 Jun 1921Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5505
9 Collett, Reginald Oscar  22 Jun 1912Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5574
10 Collett, Trevor Donald  Jun 1996Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5581
11 Cooke, John  08 Jun 1917Grenfell, NSW, Australia I40894
12 Edwards, Elizabeth  09 May 1932Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13116
13 Gray, Elizabeth  21 May 1934Grenfell, NSW, Australia I11580
14 King, Frederica M  1914Grenfell, NSW, Australia I25924
15 King, Myrtle May  19 Apr 1948Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13152
16 Kleinschmidt, Sidona  30 Jul 1923Grenfell, NSW, Australia I10698
17 Martin, Caroline  01 Jan 1928Grenfell, NSW, Australia I40917
18 Meldrum, Myrtle Kate  25 Jun 1893Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13168
19 Meldrum, Robert William  27 Aug 1892Grenfell, NSW, Australia I13165
20 Mewburn, Ann  17 Jul 1930Grenfell, NSW, Australia I41163
21 Murray, Charles  1895Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36121
22 Murray, James David  14 Jul 1982Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36127
23 Murray, Myrtle Kathleen  11 Jun 1935Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36129
24 Nealon, Arthur  26 Apr 1953Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36108
25 Nealon, Arthur Albert  29 Jan 1960Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36158
26 Nealon, Emily Eliza  1881Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36107
27 Nealon, Henry  23 Nov 1945Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36109
28 Nealon, John A  23 Jul 1935Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36106
29 Nealon, Kenneth Henry  02 Dec 2000Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36170
30 Nealon, Margaret Anne  1936Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36104
31 Nealon, Mary Jane  14 Jun 1938Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36102
32 Nealon, Pamela F  1935Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36167
33 Nealon, Thomas E  1928Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36101
34 Perceval, William  1953Grenfell, NSW, Australia I12598
35 Percival, Mary  16 Apr 1929Grenfell, NSW, Australia I9845
36 Potter, Annie  30 Jun 1940Grenfell, NSW, Australia I11963
37 Pound, Brian Albert  1936Grenfell, NSW, Australia I25461
38 Stiff, John Edward  05 Nov 1993Grenfell, NSW, Australia I36145
39 Toole, Emily A  1904Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5671
40 Wales, Dulcie  24 Jan 1924Grenfell, NSW, Australia I11593
41 Wales, Frederick Harold  1936Grenfell, NSW, Australia I11588
42 Wales, Joseph Dennis Columbus  07 Jun 1940Grenfell, NSW, Australia I11587
43 Williams, Thomas A. Stanley  08 Feb 1970Grenfell, NSW, Australia I11174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Collett, Laura Beatrice Pearl  Jun 1921Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5505
2 Collett, Lawrence  Aug 1929Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5619
3 Stein, Thomas  Oct 1962Grenfell, NSW, Australia I5512


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Williams, Thomas A. Stanley  Grenfell, NSW, Australia I11174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wiggins, Jean Ellen  Apr 2002Grenfell, NSW, Australia I10157


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bensley / Hudson  1931Grenfell, NSW, Australia F5470
2 Bensley / Hutchison  1914Grenfell, NSW, Australia F5454
3 Bensley / Thackeray  1937Grenfell, NSW, Australia F5469
4 Budge / Edwards  23 Apr 1889Grenfell, NSW, Australia F3803
5 Collett / Buttenshaw  28 Oct 1908Grenfell, NSW, Australia F1830
6 Darwon / Wales  1943Grenfell, NSW, Australia F3402
7 Edgerton / Flanagan  1910Grenfell, NSW, Australia F4005
8 Edgerton / Hayes  1907Grenfell, NSW, Australia F4004
9 Frampton / Perceval  1933Grenfell, NSW, Australia F9255
10 Hope / Pound  1921Grenfell, NSW, Australia F3574
11 Horne / Perceval  1937Grenfell, NSW, Australia F9257
12 Lamont / Nealon  1910Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8683
13 Levett / Gray  08 Nov 1893Grenfell, NSW, Australia F3797
14 Lynch / Murray  1927Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8694
15 Martz / Wallace  18 Sep 1937Grenfell, NSW, Australia F1361
16 McKeough / Murray  1914Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8689
17 Miles / Collett  1904Grenfell, NSW, Australia F1831
18 Mills / Stiff  1929Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8698
19 Murray / McNamara  1923Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8693
20 Murray / O'Malley  1915Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8690
21 Murray / Perceval  1916Grenfell, NSW, Australia F9253
22 Murray / Venables  1921Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8688
23 Nealon / Barney  1916Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8681
24 Nealon / Brown  1907Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8680
25 Nealon / Brown  1916Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8678
26 Pearson / Bensley  1929Grenfell, NSW, Australia F5468
27 Perceval / Brown  1939Grenfell, NSW, Australia F9254
28 Percival / Noakes  1919Grenfell, NSW, Australia F7941
29 Pereira / Starr  1895Grenfell, NSW, Australia F2383
30 Perks / Wigg  11 Apr 1911Grenfell, NSW, Australia F336
31 Pipe / Bensley  1940Grenfell, NSW, Australia F5473
32 Pound / Mills  1936Grenfell, NSW, Australia F3576
33 Prior / Priest  1938Grenfell, NSW, Australia F9152
34 Rebbeck / Hainsworth  1944Grenfell, NSW, Australia F6973
35 Stein / Collett  1909Grenfell, NSW, Australia F1832
36 Stiff / Hilder  1924Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8697
37 Stiff / Nealon  1894Grenfell, NSW, Australia F8676
38 Upton / James  1939Grenfell, NSW, Australia F7329
39 Wales / King  28 Oct 1916Grenfell, NSW, Australia F3398
40 Wales / Pereira  29 Oct 1930Grenfell, NSW, Australia F2338
41 Wales / Pound  22 Apr 1922Grenfell, NSW, Australia F3401