AUSIGEN - Family History

Chatswood, NSW, Australia



Latitude: -33.8007700, Longitude: 151.1796000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alt, Joyce Mary  14 Jan 1905Chatswood, NSW, Australia I961
2 Bishop, Effie Kendall  1903Chatswood, NSW, Australia I27068
3 Bradfield, Keith Noel Everal  25 Dec 1910Chatswood, NSW, Australia I31674
4 Brennen, Kathleen E  16 Aug 1909Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34889
5 Brennen, Linda E  26 Sep 1913Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34891
6 Brennen, Millie Ida  26 Jul 1915Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34892
7 Clarke, Geoffrey Charles  1915Chatswood, NSW, Australia I7071
8 Collett, Dorothy C  1913Chatswood, NSW, Australia I7085
9 Dendy, Max H  Abt 1927Chatswood, NSW, Australia I22092
10 Higson, Ellen M  1914Chatswood, NSW, Australia I25656
11 Innes, Colin J  1915Chatswood, NSW, Australia I13325
12 Merrick, Ivy E  1912Chatswood, NSW, Australia I25652
13 Poll, Beryl Jean  18 Jun 1917Chatswood, NSW, Australia I18760
14 Poll, Clarinda Alma  1909Chatswood, NSW, Australia I18787
15 Poll, Edna Una  1911Chatswood, NSW, Australia I18759
16 Poll, Erica F  1910Chatswood, NSW, Australia I18802
17 Poll, Grace E  1912Chatswood, NSW, Australia I18803
18 Poll, Grace Louise  1912Chatswood, NSW, Australia I18784
19 Poll, Hilda Jane  1916Chatswood, NSW, Australia I18786
20 Poll, Phyllis Marjory  1906Chatswood, NSW, Australia I18758
21 Poll, Vera Edeline  1915Chatswood, NSW, Australia I18785
22 Purnell, Eileen Mary  26 Apr 1913Chatswood, NSW, Australia I23188
23 Purnell, Raymond Cyrus George  02 Mar 1915Chatswood, NSW, Australia I23201
24 Rae, Alfred W  1916Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34920
25 Rae, Doris M  1909Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34918
26 Rae, Gladys E  1910Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34919
27 Saunders, Herbert W  1910Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34882
28 Saunders, Marjorie M  1912Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34883
29 Saunders, Solomon J  1908Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34881
30 Shelley, Patricia Patience Mary  1916Chatswood, NSW, Australia I21963
31 Stephens, Edwin A  1912Chatswood, NSW, Australia I29464
32 Stephens, Millie G  1911Chatswood, NSW, Australia I29463
33 Thompson, Evelyn Elsie  31 Dec 1916Chatswood, NSW, Australia I40151
34 Trollope, Arthur  1914Chatswood, NSW, Australia I2628
35 Williams, Christina M  1912Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34933
36 Williams, Gladys A  1916Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34935
37 Williams, Harold L  1913Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34934


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Harry Roy  1963Chatswood, NSW, Australia I20845
2 Best, Hannah  19 Jun 1927Chatswood, NSW, Australia I10613
3 Butler, Eliza White  16 Feb 1914Chatswood, NSW, Australia I1164
4 Coote, George  06 Aug 1928Chatswood, NSW, Australia I18172
5 Cusbert, Adelaide Grace  21 Aug 1923Chatswood, NSW, Australia I40471
6 Dendy, Max H  1927Chatswood, NSW, Australia I22092
7 Howell, Emily Lattia  1913Chatswood, NSW, Australia I20833
8 Jones, Muriel Gabrielle  1933Chatswood, NSW, Australia I22065
9 May, Samuel J  1908Chatswood, NSW, Australia I30496
10 Moulds, Lily  1930Chatswood, NSW, Australia I25705
11 Nixon, Clarissa Clementina  1930Chatswood, NSW, Australia I29401
12 Poll, Frederick Caleb Edmund  31 Dec 1928Chatswood, NSW, Australia I18732
13 Rae, Gladys E  1911Chatswood, NSW, Australia I34919
14 Scobie, Ellen  1942Chatswood, NSW, Australia I27908
15 Shelley, Elliott Hassall  18 Dec 1943Chatswood, NSW, Australia I20814
16 Whiteman, Hubert Ross  27 Feb 1943Chatswood, NSW, Australia I19175
17 Wright, Julia  1944Chatswood, NSW, Australia I22187


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alt / Heighway  12 Aug 1934Chatswood, NSW, Australia F669
2 Alt / O'Brien  1937Chatswood, NSW, Australia F3183
3 Bensley / Ismay  1911Chatswood, NSW, Australia F5429
4 Bishop / McAdam  1931Chatswood, NSW, Australia F7198
5 Clarke / Freeborn  09 Mar 1946Chatswood, NSW, Australia F9810
6 Colwell / Purnell  1943Chatswood, NSW, Australia F6592
7 Freeborn / Ward  04 May 1940Chatswood, NSW, Australia F9809
8 Harvey / Sheather  1930Chatswood, NSW, Australia F6079
9 Heeley / Cornwell  1920Chatswood, NSW, Australia F1867
10 Keene / Rae  1927Chatswood, NSW, Australia F8528
11 Lane / George  1915Chatswood, NSW, Australia F7194
12 Martin / O'Connor  1937Chatswood, NSW, Australia F7656
13 Moulds / McCrone  1920Chatswood, NSW, Australia F1931
14 Munday / Stennett  1919Chatswood, NSW, Australia F5782
15 Nicolls / Poll  1941Chatswood, NSW, Australia F5402
16 Parry / Poll  1946Chatswood, NSW, Australia F5401
17 Purnell / Carpenter  1912Chatswood, NSW, Australia F1914
18 Purnell / Glazier  19 Mar 1914Chatswood, NSW, Australia F6594
19 Rae / Cornwell  1908Chatswood, NSW, Australia F1866
20 Ross / Whitticker  1933Chatswood, NSW, Australia F1963
21 Saunders / Cornwell  1908Chatswood, NSW, Australia F8510
22 Sheather / D'Arcey  1930Chatswood, NSW, Australia F7745
23 Sullivan / Bensley  1916Chatswood, NSW, Australia F5431
24 Wigzell / Poll  1929Chatswood, NSW, Australia F5389
25 Williams / Cornwell  1911Chatswood, NSW, Australia F1869
26 Wilson / Bensley  1931Chatswood, NSW, Australia F5443