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Catsfield, Sussex, England



Latitude: 50.8980080, Longitude: 0.4511610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ballard, Charles  28 Apr 1877Catsfield, Sussex, England I34563
2 Ballard, Frank  21 May 1883Catsfield, Sussex, England I34566
3 Clifton, Agnes A  1867Catsfield, Sussex, England I43096
4 Clifton, Charlie  1884Catsfield, Sussex, England I43107
5 Clifton, Harry William  1869Catsfield, Sussex, England I43097
6 Clifton, Herbert  1875Catsfield, Sussex, England I43104
7 Clifton, John  1892Catsfield, Sussex, England I43100
8 Clifton, Percy  1887Catsfield, Sussex, England I43108
9 Clifton, Rachel  1871Catsfield, Sussex, England I43103
10 Clifton, Rosanna  1877Catsfield, Sussex, England I43105
11 Clifton, Walter G  1880Catsfield, Sussex, England I43106
12 Kenward, Ann  1850Catsfield, Sussex, England I34547
13 Kenward, Sophia  1859Catsfield, Sussex, England I34548
14 Quaife, Ann  1809Catsfield, Sussex, England I35944
15 Sheather, Albert  1850Catsfield, Sussex, England I34552
16 Sheather, Anne  1830Catsfield, Sussex, England I34521
17 Sheather, Eliza  1847Catsfield, Sussex, England I34550
18 Sheather, Ellen  30 Dec 1842Catsfield, Sussex, England I34556
19 Sheather, Ellen  1860Catsfield, Sussex, England I34555
20 Sheather, Emily  1833Catsfield, Sussex, England I34522
21 Sheather, Frank  1848Catsfield, Sussex, England I34551
22 Sheather, James  1858Catsfield, Sussex, England I34554
23 Sheather, Robert  1852Catsfield, Sussex, England I34553
24 Waters, Mary Ann  1771Catsfield, Sussex, England I35946


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sheather, Ellen  03 Oct 1901Catsfield, Sussex, England I34556
2 Sheather, Henry  04 May 1852Catsfield, Sussex, England I14670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Kenward, Frances  22 Apr 1838Catsfield, Sussex, England I34532
2 Kenward, George Francis  11 Sep 1842Catsfield, Sussex, England I34539
3 Kenward, Harriett  04 Aug 1850Catsfield, Sussex, England I34545
4 Kenward, Henry  26 Dec 1844Catsfield, Sussex, England I34540
5 Kenward, John  19 Nov 1815Catsfield, Sussex, England I34530
6 Kenward, John Wickham  07 Jan 1849Catsfield, Sussex, England I34546
7 Kenward, Robert John  26 Jan 1840Catsfield, Sussex, England I34533
8 Sheather, Celia  15 Sep 1812Catsfield, Sussex, England I34514
9 Sheather, Eliza  22 Nov 1820Catsfield, Sussex, England I34518
10 Sheather, Emily  04 Oct 1847Catsfield, Sussex, England I34570
11 Sheather, Frances  30 Aug 1818Catsfield, Sussex, England I34517
12 Sheather, Francis  20 Nov 1814Catsfield, Sussex, England I34515
13 Sheather, Henry  20 Apr 1810Catsfield, Sussex, England I34513
14 Sheather, Henry  04 Apr 1822Catsfield, Sussex, England I34519
15 Sheather, Henry  09 Nov 1834Catsfield, Sussex, England I34523
16 Sheather, Jane Kennard  22 May 1836Catsfield, Sussex, England I34531
17 Sheather, William  03 Nov 1816Catsfield, Sussex, England I34516


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sheather / Blackman  01 Oct 1803Catsfield, Sussex, England F4169