AUSIGEN - Family History

Balmain South, NSW, Australia



Latitude: -33.8589500, Longitude: 151.1790600


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bean, Charles Henry  23 Feb 1906Balmain South, NSW, Australia I20429
2 Bean, George Henry  02 Apr 1908Balmain South, NSW, Australia I20430
3 Black, Frederick Jack  1907Balmain South, NSW, Australia I3224
4 Boyd, David  12 Apr 1896Balmain South, NSW, Australia I17024
5 Brown, James  1912Balmain South, NSW, Australia I28402
6 Carroll, Gladys Winifred  1898Balmain South, NSW, Australia I32708
7 Davies, Edith May  1896Balmain South, NSW, Australia I31077
8 Doran, Clarence W V  1905Balmain South, NSW, Australia I22194
9 Duncan, Frederick Norman  24 May 1912Balmain South, NSW, Australia I22079
10 Duncan, Leonard Aubrey  08 Feb 1910Balmain South, NSW, Australia I22077
11 Duncan, Robert Grantley  08 Dec 1911Balmain South, NSW, Australia I22078
12 Mason, Adelaide A  1914Balmain South, NSW, Australia I43493
13 Small, Eleanor Wilford  1916Balmain South, NSW, Australia I31735
14 Struck, Edward M  1910Balmain South, NSW, Australia I7783
15 Struck, Eileen  1913Balmain South, NSW, Australia I7778
16 Struck, Ethel Francis  1916Balmain South, NSW, Australia I7782
17 Toreaux, Claude C A  1893Balmain South, NSW, Australia I42033
18 Tulloch, Doris Jean  1903Balmain South, NSW, Australia I41374


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Isabella S  1897Balmain South, NSW, Australia I20737
2 Brown, James  1912Balmain South, NSW, Australia I28402
3 Coomber, William H  1930Balmain South, NSW, Australia I28331
4 Fogarty, Walter Benjamin  1929Balmain South, NSW, Australia I34365
5 Hall, Thomas James  12 Nov 1901Balmain South, NSW, Australia I25862
6 Metcalf, Lionel V  1923Balmain South, NSW, Australia I23690


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Maitland  1909Balmain South, NSW, Australia F8256
2 Beecroft / Buckley  1906Balmain South, NSW, Australia F2407
3 Black / Purnell  13/15 April 1914Balmain South, NSW, Australia F1281
4 Davis / Newling  1930Balmain South, NSW, Australia F2287
5 Doran / Shelley  1905Balmain South, NSW, Australia F5999
6 Hales / Perks  1934Balmain South, NSW, Australia F4102
7 James / Armstrong  1904Balmain South, NSW, Australia F2971
8 Nicholls / Bean  1920Balmain South, NSW, Australia F5798
9 Pascoe / Crocker  1920Balmain South, NSW, Australia F7694
10 Peasley / Cornwell  1914Balmain South, NSW, Australia F1868
11 Randell / McDaid  1923Balmain South, NSW, Australia F8763
12 Rumble / Mitchell  1904Balmain South, NSW, Australia F5412
13 Small / Ashdown  1916Balmain South, NSW, Australia F4570
14 Taylor / Malpas  1896Balmain South, NSW, Australia F4811