AUSIGEN - Family History

Annandale, NSW, Australia



Latitude: -33.8814000, Longitude: 151.1707000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bates, Clive Davidson Tipple  01 Jan 1912Annandale, NSW, Australia I44162
2 Bates, Hilton Ernest  03 Jan 1910Annandale, NSW, Australia I5745
3 Bates, Laurence Haig  24 Jul 1917Annandale, NSW, Australia I44165
4 Bates, Norman Stuart  07 Sep 1907Annandale, NSW, Australia I44167
5 Bates, Reginald William Frederick  15 Jul 1900Annandale, NSW, Australia I44164
6 Budd, Elsie R  1898Annandale, NSW, Australia I45046
7 Cameron, Robert G  1913Annandale, NSW, Australia I28379
8 Darnell, Frederick W  1902Annandale, NSW, Australia I18566
9 Day, Alwyn Roy  Abt 1921Annandale, NSW, Australia I34780
10 Fell, Harry K  1914Annandale, NSW, Australia I15197
11 Firth, Daisy  1908Annandale, NSW, Australia I44173
12 Maling, Henry Alfred Wells  1895Annandale, NSW, Australia I27650
13 Meillon, Clare M  1902Annandale, NSW, Australia I22183
14 Miller, Rita Joan  22 Dec 1924Annandale, NSW, Australia I32883
15 Peplow, Dorothy May  1913Annandale, NSW, Australia I26784
16 Perry, Estelle  1905Annandale, NSW, Australia I13221
17 Pett, John Philp  18 Apr 1900Annandale, NSW, Australia I27179
18 Purss, Minnie Vera  06 Nov 1894Annandale, NSW, Australia I27738
19 Shaw, Arthur Gladstone Julius  13 Aug 1903Annandale, NSW, Australia I19276
20 Upton, Arthur A  1903Annandale, NSW, Australia I27599
21 Upton, Harold T A  1905Annandale, NSW, Australia I27600
22 Ward, Mark  19 Mar 1957Annandale, NSW, Australia I17949


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bates, Thomas William  02 Nov 1935Annandale, NSW, Australia I5754
2 Bateup, Lydia Mercy  1923Annandale, NSW, Australia I45034
3 Bean, Phyllis  1925Annandale, NSW, Australia I20431
4 Bean, Yvonne Miriam  Aug 1942Annandale, NSW, Australia I20441
5 Brennan, Constance Anette  12 Jun 1918Annandale, NSW, Australia I18137
6 Firth, Daisy  1908Annandale, NSW, Australia I44173
7 Nicholls, Charles H  1926Annandale, NSW, Australia I41773
8 Nicholls, Ivy I  1924Annandale, NSW, Australia I41772
9 Sheather, Harriet Jane  11 Aug 1916Annandale, NSW, Australia I6732
10 Smith, George Frederick Davidson  15 Nov 1922Annandale, NSW, Australia I5742
11 Thornton, Leslie Charles  29 Mar 1928Annandale, NSW, Australia I41767
12 Upton, Arthur A  1903Annandale, NSW, Australia I27599
13 Wilson, Leslie Clarence  01 Oct 1923Annandale, NSW, Australia I38932
14 Winton, William G  1913Annandale, NSW, Australia I41419


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bates / Mawer  19 Mar 1934Annandale, NSW, Australia F1886
2 Bates / Nelson  1931Annandale, NSW, Australia F9737
3 Beecroft / Byrnes  19 Jun 1923Annandale, NSW, Australia F623
4 Black / Fraser  26 Oct 1945Annandale, NSW, Australia F2129
5 Edward / Loiterton  1939Annandale, NSW, Australia F579
6 Gurney / Skewes  1928Annandale, NSW, Australia F7263
7 Judge / Smith  1922Annandale, NSW, Australia F9732
8 Lord / Wilesmith  1923Annandale, NSW, Australia F8532
9 Manning / Arthur  1938Annandale, NSW, Australia F6787
10 Marshe / Bensley  1935Annandale, NSW, Australia F5461
11 Perry / McCarty  1905Annandale, NSW, Australia F3819
12 Power / O'Brien  1918Annandale, NSW, Australia F389
13 Sanderson / Sheather  20 Aug 1921Annandale, NSW, Australia F7708
14 Seccombe / Jones  19 Dec 1907Annandale, NSW, Australia F6293
15 Simonsen / Dunn  1911Annandale, NSW, Australia F5766
16 Thompson / Ball  1932Annandale, NSW, Australia F9117
17 Yates / Knight  1910Annandale, NSW, Australia F7190
18 Yates / Rose  1910Annandale, NSW, Australia F7188