All records in this family tree database are part of my family tree or are linked to my tree through marriage. Records of deceased people only are viewable on the web pages. This maintains privacy for living members of the family tree unless they advise me otherwise.

A good starting point for navigating this site is the SEARCH box to the right. It also has an option to display a full list of surnames in my family tree.

Ausigen.com is an alternative site to www.ozigen.com.

Both that site and this site contain records for the same people but they present the information in different ways. This site provides the best way to research your own tree within my records and to discover the relationship between any two records.

The www.ozigen.com site presents records for individuals and charts for my own family tree (i.e.. Robert Mote's family tree) in more detail.

Why not visit both sites and decide which site best meets your needs.

The photo on the left is of my father, Gordon Mote.

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The following links are for other web sites containing data related to my family tree.